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Monday, 17 September 2007



Wow Sigh! Those are awsome bro? I'll hav to show you some of the pics that I got from the "Who keeps this kinda stuff for 30 years?" give away. Quite the stroll down memory lane. By the way, I think you should sit Tavish down with nothing but a diaper, a fudgesicle and a smile and see what happens. Camera in hand of course.

Émilie B

That's Tavish right up there in the first pic. :)


Great photos. I love looking back at old shots from yesteryear.

Moksha Gren

Thanks for sharing these. They are truly cool. Sadly...I would not have recognized you in the top (cute) picture. But the second one is clearly you. I recognize the eye (the unsmooshed one).

I didn't know the Ukrainian mofia wore their pants so high.

[Awaiting Tavish vs Fudgesical pic]


LB, when you and Mom get back from Ontario, you'll have to invite us over to show us your stuff.

Émy, I see more Declan in the top couple pics, but then I see him every day and sort of relate him more to me and Tavish more to my brother.

Terri, it's one of my favourite things to do too.

Moksha, the high pants is one of the Ukrainian mafia's trademarked intimidation techniques.


Love the Ukrainian mafia comment. Ha!

So, your second son looks just like your brother, eh? Hmmm... there's a soap opera subplot in there somewhere.

Great pics from your history, man. Ben's into making funny faces, so I'm sure if he saw that second pic he'd try to imitate it.


When I was that age, my hair looked EXACTLY like yours in that picture of you holding the deer.

Moksha Gren

"You vill pay vhat you owe....or ve shall pull our pants up even higher!!"


We went through the Ukrainian mafia phase around here too. Fifth and sixth grade I think it was. Fortunately it passes. Then there's the hunk in the kilt phase that is, alas, all too brief.

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