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Friday, 28 September 2007



Oh, man! A person could die from the sweetness....

Moksha Gren

I love the way he keeps looking up to make sure the camera is still on him.

Gotta say though...Tav is sorta creapy back there. Looming in the shadows in a Blair Witch sort of way.

Our first few leaves have started their migration to the ground...it looks you guys have the jump on us there.

PS- You're kids are sooo cute.


Tav definitely is lurking for some reason. Camera shy? Maybe he just prefers evergreens to deciduous leaves.

Our son watched this with me just now. He pointed to Tavish, "What's he doing back there?"

At first he was concerned when Dex ran through the leaves. "He's gonna go out in the road."

Then, he laughed when Dex fell. "Why did he fall down in the leaves?"

Great vid to share on a Friday!


You realize those crocs are the most dangerous footwear known to man? (apparently you should NEVER wear them on escalators - a child here lost a toe this summer). And here Declan narrowly escapes major trauma. Wear those devil shoes and all manner of bad things happen.


I think Tavish was pooping when he was hiding under the tree, that is usually what he does now. He hides when he is pinching one.


Such a shy, retiring boy Declan's become. Nothing at all like his outgoing little brother, eh?

Émilie B

With the post title being what it was, I kept expecting the camera man to fall down the stairs. :D

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