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Monday, 10 September 2007



"This is all very fun and sort of agonising to go through at the same time. These are the steps we want our boys to take, and we hope we've done our best to prepare them to begin to face things without us. But it's the not knowing, you know? Better get used to it."

Well said. And I'm sure it doesn't get any easier or any less scary as they grow up, but, like a wise woman I know said the other day, "it would be the saddest if they DIDN'T grow up". I'm trying to accept this growing up thing (of the children, and myself too, I guess) and appreciate the pace at which it happens -- neither too fast nor too slow -- though some days it seems like it's both!


This is exactly where we were with Ben one year ago. He had been socialized quite a bit before that, so when Shannon dropped him off for his first day, he gave her a simple hug and kiss and said, in a nutshell, "See ya." Other kids (and mommies) were crying uncontrollably.

I'm sure Dex will love it and will thrive.

This makes me realize I forgot to mention Ben's own start of pre-school this year. We tried to get him into a three-day program this year, but like you we waited very late to pick a place. So, two days it is.


I just wanted to add that I, too, struggle with the religious aspect of the two-day pre-school Ben attends.

BTW, FYI... Lutherans are named after Martin Luther, who nailed his protests to the Catholic church on a door (or a wall, or something) a long, long time ago. Thus was born the protestant movement. I believe Baptists consider themselves protestants, but not all non-Catholic Christian churches do.

This is all from memory, but I'm pretty sure that's right.


Dixie, there's certainly a balance between preparing them to grow up and wanting them to stay the way they are. It doesn't seem to get any easier as we go along, that's for sure.

Mark, I first read part of your second comment as, "...nailed his protestors to a Catholic church..." which made me shake my head a do a double take. The details of Christian sects is just way too much for me to take much interest in, but you can sure see how so much of it was (and is) more politically motivated than spiritually.

Émilie B

How cool!

As Xavier's already spending 4 days a week away from us :( it feels like I've already done this nostalgia part (oh-so-early!)... I'd prefer to see him more (especially daytime when he's well rested and in a great mood, as opposed to evenings) and would love to know all that he's up to during the day with his pals, but at the same time it's really fun to see how they learn new stuff we wouldn't think to teach them, and from other kids also.

This can sometimes be seen with apprehension (all the bad behaviour they can learn from other kids, you know), but generally we've had a good experience. Xavier sometimes come home with new tricks; he had the funniest grin/grimace he kept doing tonight, I can't imagine we're the ones doing this silly grinning at him.

Plus, we're in luck : Xavier's babysitter really loves children (home-based daycare... not sure how you'd call it... one woman at home taking care of 5-7 toddlers). Plus, the kids she babysits seem like a pretty relaxed bunch - no screamers, no biters, no pushers, etc.

I'm sure Amy will miss Declan when he's gone at pre-school, but imagine how fun it will be when he comes back and tells you all about it. (Xavier doesn't talk yet, so we can just get the babysitter's account :( )
He'll also get to try new stuff and crafts. Two mornings a week ain't so bad :)


Jake began his Preschool career last week and it was indeed bittersweet seeing my baby such a big boy. The battle is now with my oldest, my grade 1, who had decided she does not want to grow up, school is no longer a social outing of painting and playdough. They actually make you sit and do work. Oh the horror.

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