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Friday, 07 September 2007



You've got some patient friends, Simon.

Moksha Gren

I hope you've given them enough time to respond, Si. They may still be wading through the prolouge by the 29th ;)

It is a beautiful letter though. Thoughtful, sincere...and very, very "you." I only regret that I will be unable to attend. Lord knows I do love flinging other people's kids around


Marian, yes, they are very patient. And what a delightfully pointed observation in the face of such grandiloquence! (I think they've come to expect it of me on occasion now. Or at least aren't terribly surprised.)

Moksha, and my boys are so eminently flingable. A shame. I was hoping to marry sincerity with pretention in that letter. You give me hope that I succeeded. And as for your prologue quip, we may end up bumping it to the following weekend, since there's a wedding on the 29th that will occupy most of the prospective attendees for my little Mental Health thing. So hopefully they'll have read through the entire letter by then!

Émilie B

In some ways, they really made the Sims a realistic game, didn't they?... keeping relationships alive by calling up on friends and stuff... I wouldn't be too worried about getting a couple attendees, if I were you: surely by the time they finish reading all the invitation, they will feel they have invested enough time already in the occasion that not going will stop being a viable option. ;)


I finally took time to read this. I think you wrote it like this to weed out any poseurs. Anyone who reads this letter and RSVP's "yes" is damn sure the kind of man who will attend.

Geographical far-flungness from friends indeed sucks lagoon water. Proximity, however, does not guarantee regular interaction.

Dang real life for getting in the way of buddy time.

I hope it turns out to be a grand reunion rather than a time for you to hang out with Chester Cheetah.

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