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Wednesday, 01 August 2007



Nice tribute to Star Wars. You have a hand in making these?

Whatever the case, good stuff.

Moksha Gren

All quite funny...but the Look Who's Tarkin almost woke Moonshot with the laugh/squawk I was only barely able to stiffle in time.

Jayson Merryfield

Urk! I think I almost OD'd on geek there for a moment. My head's a little fuzzy, and I feel kinda woozy. Maybe now I need to go and talk about some celebrities or American Idol with Lindsay to counteract the effects of this blog.

Ooof. Don't DO stuff like this first thing in the morning! How can I discuss Battlestar Galactica at work when I'm still hung over from... from.... this.


I didn't have a hand in making any of these, but found them in one of my internet forays quite a while ago. They amused me, so I saved them. I have two dozen saved to my computer, but these were my favourite four. The Tarkin one was easily my favourite as well. It's very poorly done, but the first time I saw it I laughed out loud. Sorry about the wooziness, Jay. Avoid American Idol at all costs!

Moksha Gren

I forgot to mention...I love the new banner. I love motionless water, I love pudgy, little toddler arms, and the hose is a cool way to fill a banner shaped space.


Um can I just say that I kind of wish that Teenage Mutant Ninja Ewoks was a real movie? Cause I'd see that...


love Love LOVE the new header!!!!

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