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Wednesday, 22 August 2007



Methinks I've seen this shot before, hairy man. Or, one much like it.

Whatever the case, it's a good underwater shot.

I hope you said, "Hi," to Nemo.

Moksha Gren

Simon finds that his sexy tiger face is even sexier underwater with his chest hair waving seductively in the current.

It is a nice picture to post, though, during this continuing heat wave. That's about as inticing as it gets right now. (the water...not the sexy tiger face)


Hey, give him a break. How sexy can you look while vigorously blowing your nose underwater to avoid drowning? I give him points for attempting any facial expression at all.


I was going more for "smile", but I like Sexy Tiger Face, too. It's hard to keep your eyes open like that under salt water when it stings so much, you know? And yeah, the nose blowing was to prevent drowning. You'll note the lack of a chest tattoo sort of dates this photo as well.

Émilie B

Nice color :) You could be living on Vinea.

Moksha Gren

Mark - Oh I don't dispute that he's far sexier than I would be in the same situation. I mean...he admits he was just going for a friendly smile and still stumbled his way into "sexy tiger face." If that ain't the definition of natural charisma, I don't know what it.

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