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Wednesday, 15 August 2007



"Hey, guys, watch me Rock, Roll, and Ride!"

"Humans. So stinky, yet such a great source of table scraps."

Moksha Gren

Uncle Buster returns victorious from his Sturgis trip.


Mark, I'm impressed but not surprised that you know exactly what toy that is. And your canine intuitiveness is uncanny.

Moksha, I don't think bikers are allowed to wear men's capri pants. In fact, in a group of bikers, I think my brother would stand little chance of survival so dressed.

Moksha Gren

Maybe his biker fashion needs a bit of work..but find me a biker who would not be impressed with that sweet, sweet hog (the bike...not your brother). In addition, I remain convinced that were he to pedal that damn thing all the way to Sturgis...he'd get some respect no matter how he was dressed.

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