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Monday, 20 August 2007


Moksha Gren

So far, no major surprises for those of us who have followed along for a while. But still very interesting stuff. I'm looking forward to the rest.

#4 - never had a face off with a van, but otherwise, I can claim this one too. I was more of a head injury kid.

#6 - not proud of it, but probably true here as well. It's been helpful to have a wife who will call me on it and put me in my place, though.

#8 - no ring...but I can do the same with a lighter. The sudden rarity of lighters is the one sad thing about the slow fading of smokers.

#9 - Who does? I mean, really. My Dad was occasionally known to say that someone was "so dumb he'd get out of the shower to pee."

#12 - I learned to play with my balls on stage at a Renaissance fair in Kansas City and still enjoy it from time to time.

#14 - the second half of that statement is so open to interpretation. But generally, I'd agree.

#15 - It's up there on the list...but I'm still holding out for my teleporter.

#16 - I too tend to overthink things...but had yet to apply this habit to the escalator. Such an eloquent thought for such a silly peeve.

#17 - This seems related in spirit to #16 in some way.

#20 - Amen

#23-25 - Well put. It certainly seems your years of preparation is paying off with excellent Dad-ness (from what I can see from my vantage). If you weren't nervous about it...I'd say you weren't taking it seriously enough.


Fun list, Simon. Anxious to see the rest.

23- 25 - I definitely couldn't have said better myself (if we're using cliches here, and yes, screw the accent mark on that -- I'm on break from training right now)

19 - But, you realize, of course, that you're cheating yourself out of the sweetest flavor a banana can offer. But, to each his own (cliches just won't stay away today)

4 - I'm right there with you guys, except I guess that hairline crack in my ankle. The doctor never called it a "break," and I just had to wear a space boot for about 6-8 weeks (no, it was not cool at all).


I've wanted to do a 101 list myself since I started blogging, but haven't had the stamina. I always run out of ideas (or steam) before I complete it. It takes work to make it good. Well done.

I did the same thing with ants, by the way.

And good point about the popcorn. From now on I think I will just forgo the popcorn and just add salt to melted butter and drink it straight. That way I avoid the inevitable week-long struggle with the popcorn shavings stuck between my teeth and gums.

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