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Friday, 24 August 2007



Part, pert, port, apart, aport, party, prate, pirate, pyrite, purity, purty (does cowboy-speak count?) and pret (does French count?). That was fun!


You, uh, got me beat there, Paula. I didn't count the 'cowboy' or the French though. But I did get 'prat', which you missed. So I'll take some small solace in that.

Durned smart chicks...

Moksha Gren

#76 - Basically I agree. But I catch myself staring at the tube more often than I like. It's often on for "background noise" and I can't seem to ignore it.

#78 - I have enjoyed the chopping before...but now have no Earthly reason to do so.

#79 - Got a bottle of Oban for my ministerial duties in Iowa. We're trying to make it last.

#86 - I'm...not quite sure how to respond to that image. Ol' Flamin' Face Fraser.

#90 - Generally true for me. My closest friends tend to be guys, but if I had to choose a gender to socialize with, women tend to be easier for me for just the reason you mention.

#91 - No body ever askes for help from my Mini ;)

#93 - That's cool. Moonshot packs my lunch occasionally and hides a littl enote or card in there. It's a nice pick0me-up during my day.

#94 - I didn't get 8...but I did get "Operate"

#96/97 - Well put.

#100 - My college stair game was to see how long a swing I could make down the steps without touching the stairs. Basically, landing to landing with a swing from the handrails. In retrospect, I'm lucky to be alive since that reach for the furthest possible handhold usually meant that if I missed...I'd have faceplanted down the stairs. Silly college kids.

Excellent list, Simon. I've enjoyed it immensely. It's one of those memes (sorry, Si, but it is a meme) that is truly silly...unless it's done well with thought and honesty. I expected no less from the Simian and was not dissapointed.

Have a great weekend if I don't talk to you before then.


On #83, I want to play me in the movie, and PLEASE let Drew Barrymore be my wife! *swooooooon*

On the fountain pen thing... from a kid till now, I still have awful handwriting.. and I don't think anything would make me feel better about it.

Great list Simon...!


76 - When TV is good, though, it's surprisingly good. Probably because there's so much crap all around it.

80 - I, too, have fainted only once. A big kid running to the bus smacked into me and I bounced off the bus. I was unconscious before I hit the ground. Next thing I knew I was looking up at a bunch of cute high school girls saying, "Are you okay?" Even in first grade, I thought that part was cool. Now, it would just be kind of sick.

81 - I have participated in shoplifting myself, and then one day just swore it off. Glad I did. The cassette tape tuck into my tube sock I used more than once (my shoplifting days were over by the time CD's came around). If I may, I wrote a story about one of my experiences here.

82 - Dishwashing did it for me.

84 - You're being far too kind.

85 - I'm bothered when people I got to know on a plane say goodbye. That's gotta be weird.

89 - But then I remember I have a black belt in crazy, and I'm okay.

90 - I'm generally like that, but with me it's because I don't hunt, watch Sportscenter, or leave my family for five hours to go knock a little white ball around. Around these parts, all the above make me a little strange.

93 - You (relatively) newlyweds are so cute.

94 - This is always, always fun. Does pervert count, or did I mess up the rules?

96-97 - Funerals get me down because I'm afraid to die.

98 - Score! My favorite, too, but I think you knew that.

100 - I'm ashamed that the two things I thought when reading this one were a) That band used to rock, and b) you're damn lucky you never slipped. That said, I still listen to that band sometimes and I still race down stairs!

Émilie B

#76 - Can't stand the TV being on all the time. We got rid of the one we had in the living room upstairs, which was only gathering dust, and now our only one is the home theater downstairs. I do watch some series, but I'll usually turn on the TV just when they start, and turn it back off once the credits roll in.

#77 - If we ever get a cellphone again, I'm SO getting the 24's CTU phone ringtone (you know: doo-doo doo-rloo) - my sister has it on hers, and next time she's in town I'm asking to answer her phone for her just so I can go "Bauer".

#80 - Well that's a long way to fall down.

#94 - We sort of play this game too, but our rule is the shortest possible word using said letters (ie. adding as less letters as possible). Yours is more of a Boggle type of game, isn't it?

Émilie B

Good job on the big list, btw. :)


#94 - I have a similar licence plate game, but yours is clearly for a more refined crowd! Mine involves taking the letters of the licence plate and turning them into a three word phrase (Ontario plate? Bonus four word phrase!)with the dirties words I know. It's good for a laugh, and depending on who you play it with, you can really increase your dirty word vocabulary. :)

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