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Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Émilie B

#38 : Xavier also does that, whether we're coming home or just doing stuff outside (or even just through the shower glass). He's so happy to see us through a window it really cheers up any mood of ours. So I second that thought.

Gotta go to work... btw, good idea to split a list like that in 4.


Wow... I could have written many if not all of these... (ok, maybe not the Switzerland one. *chuckle*)

Moksha Gren

#26 to 29 - Same here. True, #28 manifests itself more as a "we're hoping to complete the gender set".

#30 - They make me nauseous :( I love th efeeling you describe, but the back and forth motion makes me sick pretty quick. Sad, really.

#32 - I would not have thought of that...but it's true. Why in the world should snug ankles make one happy? And yet they do.

#37 - If ever I write the gospel acording to Moksha Gren...this concept shall be a core tenent.

#38 - Norah isn't yet waiting for me...but she rushes for me once I'm in the house. It makes up for just about any kind of crappy day. They're magic, kids.

#40 - I count this as one of my strengths and call it "empathy." Others call it "wishy-washy."

#41 - Video post!!

#45 - Before lasik...legally blind. After...20/15. Man, I love lasers!

#46 - But, half the fun of dogma is cramming it down other people's thoats. I mean...it I can't constantly show everyone how confident I am in my rightness, then I'm just left with my own internal self-doubts.

#50 - Lucky you. All the folks I've met are jerks ;)


35 - My wife cannot stand it when I insist on letting water build up. Question: Why does it matter to her if she's not driving?

37 - Hear, hear!

38 - I hear that we should savor these moments while we can. Why do they have to end? I'm always glad to see my father, and always have been. It's been quite a while since I pounded a window in anticipation of his arrival.

39 - Just had to say, "Me too."

48 - It seems most schools lack proper emphasis on this. What gives? It's one of the most important things in life.

50 - Nicely put.

No time to refer to the number, but I dig Star Trek AND Star Wars. Both rock, for different reasons (and each has had its stinkers).


I didn't think I'd hit upon such commonality in so many of my points. Then again, there's a bit of me that not really all that surprised. We're all just hairless apes who respond to external stimuli in fairly predictable patterns, general opinions about common things should be much the same, eh?

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