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Thursday, 16 August 2007


Moksha Gren

Now...you argued with me a while back when I said that you take alot of trips. Seriously now. We need a GPS tracking device installed to keep all your roamings straight. But I digress. Enjoy your golf weekend. I've never played so much as a single round. I grew up in Missouri's golf Mecca and am surrounded by lots of golfing friends and family...but no one has ever invited me and I've never had the inpiration to put the wheels in motion myself. So...I stick to the putt-putt style of golf ;)

Proof that my government's message has penetrated my phyche...I can't help but react to your Cuba trip with a thought that it's somehow subversive...naughty even. I have to remind myself that Cuba is really only EVIL inside the US borders and you can go there if you want. But it still tickles my moral compass in some way to imagine such a trip. Odd the programming we don't even know is floating aroudn in our head.

Work-place farting: In a lot of ways..you're in a beter situation now because you know your in a public place. My danger is that I have a little office that few ever visit. So I think to myself, "I can get away with this." Alas, it seems my co-workers are psycically drawn to stench because that's when they pop in for a chat. And I sit there...trying to keep a straight face..unable even to blame it on the guy in the next cubicle.


Moksha, I think no matter how often or far I travelled, I'd still want to travel more. I have now bought golf shoes and a glove, so I may be getting committed to the sport.

That whole Cuba thing stymies me. It's such a foreign concept to me for an entire country to be considered taboo. Very odd, the programming you mention. And I like your optimistic approach regarding farting. Many was the time I'd have a visitor just after I let one squeak out in my old office. Uncanny...


I thought is was illegal for US residents (citizens, whatever) to travel to Cuba and back. Until a co-worker of mine did it recently. In fact, he could have been arrested in Cuba.

Seems they don't like defectors.

He defected from Cuba to the US. It all started when he was one of 100 students allowed to visit Mexico. He walked up to the American embassy, and the next thing he knew there were FBI guys escorting him out onto the tarmac to catch a plane to the USA. Whacky, I tell you. (does that have an "h?"). He said Cuba was great before Castro, but since then it's been completely awful. So, not an EVIL place, maybe, but not the prime place to live, either.

Still, he said there are beautiful places left to see.

Careful on the office farts, guys. They draw the most delicate staffers directly to your area. I had to give those up a long time ago. As a result, my car will never sell after I'm finished with it.

Émilie B

There's so much marketing from Travel agencies to get us to Cuba around here, I wouldn't have thought US people sought to avoid it.

As a lady, I feel I should stay clear of any farting talk, but I'll mention my desk is in the office that is positionned as sort of a breezeway between the two managers' offices and the main corridor. Compare our lucks as you will.

Good luck on the golfing. Frank was never much more than a business tournament golfer, but this summer he's been hitting the golf course every other saturday with a friend. I suppose there is something of interest in the sport (if only the part where they get a break from the occasionaly overwhelming family life for a few hours).


I'm golfing this coming Wednesday with my curling team. Every year we contribute our team winnings towards a round of golf rather than sit down after two or three pints and try and figure out how to split $205.75 four ways. It works out. Best feature of the course we're playing next week: GPS on the golf carts. Cool!

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