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Thursday, 02 August 2007



Dude, that is totally, completely, and in all ways... hilarious!!!

And that sentence was redundant and said the same thing more than once.


So funny! That's true love right there.

Moksha Gren

Exaclty, Tal...it'll never find its way onto a Hallmark card, but "I love you enough to laugh it off when I acidently eat your toe jam," actually says quite a bit.

Just keep an eye out for any mutant abilities Amy might start manifesting over the next few days. This is how thoese things happen, ya know.


Mutant abilities would be way cool!

The pregnant pause (the first one) was mostly me trying not to burst out laughing. That was really funny last night and I just had to share it.


Thanks for sharing it with the world Si. I won't tell you what I threw in to dinner last night for revenge.

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