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Tuesday, 14 August 2007


Moksha Gren

Congratulations on your assimilation into the cube world. You've been talking about this move for some time, but it will be odd now not to picture you huddled out in your trailer.

And a laptop! Huzzah! Finally you can compose your posts from the comfort and safety of your toilet. Technology at its finest.


I've actually only ever had a laptop since working here, but am still tied to the umbillical coming out of the wall. I should be wireless at my next upgrade, but I don't know when that'll be. You can still picture me huddled if you like. Just bathed in more natural light.

Moksha Gren

So..all you've needed for total freedom was a simple wireless card?That's just cruel. I've got a wireless router and card with no laptop to put it in. You've got a laptop with no wireless. Together we would be unstoppable...and yet alone we are weak and worthless.

Would it help if I tried to round up an extra wireless card?


Let's ship that man a wireless card, for gosh sakes. I have one I'm not using right now, but the router will have to come from elsewhere. Preferably, St. Elsewhere.

Hey, I'm super jealous of your mug that reads, "You are safe. Do not panic," because I know exactly where you got it, yet I don't have one. Grrrrr!!!

Ah, the cube move. Did it just a couple weeks ago. Threw it all into a huge box, then almost threw out my back lifting it two feet off the ground onto a cart. Ended up with my hand lotion all over my corporate logo mug and Darth Tater's cape. Just not right.


Mark, there's something very wrong about getting hand lotion all over Darth Tater's cape. Like, Bill Clinton-esque sort of wrong.

Émilie B

Hey Simon, good luck on your new office era. :)


I'm not sure if I should congratulate or commiserate here, but I'm assuming this all means more money, so congratulations. I love your mug! That's absolutely perfect. And hey, be glad you actually have an IT guy. Many's the time I've wished for a sullen IT guy.

Moksha Gren

I was having the same thought at the climax of Mark's story. I felt vaguely dirty just having read it.

So I read it again.


Marian, the change doesn't come hand-in-hand with more money, but the presence of more sunlight during my day is a nice little boost.

Moksha, Mark made me feel dirty too. Especially with his "threw it all into a huge box" comment. I mean, really!

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