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Saturday, 04 August 2007


Émilie B

I love those pictures. They're so quiet and soothing. Especially the sleeping Dex - way relaxing.

That's like my home computer background right now : a sleeping Xavier. It's starting to get dated (he's over a month older now) but it's sooo relaxing to see. Dex's pic, with the candlelight, emphasizes that effect.

...and where does the bear-towell come from? It's so cool.

Moksha Gren

It should come as no surprise to you ...consiering the long string of coincidences that you an I and Mark share...but we also lost power last nigth due to a massive rain and thunderstorm. We also had some minor basement flooding...how 'bout you?

The pitures are wonderful. The lighting is just magical.

So you read Kassad's tale by firelight Destruction and passion, true for each. I like it.


Émy, the bear towel came from... one of my wife's shopping trips. She came back with the bear set (it comes with a matching wash cloth) as well as a green dragon set -- Dex's favourite.

Thankfully, Moksha, our similarities ended last night at the power outage. We had our basement flooding excitement (minor) early this spring when I had to whip out the shop-vac. Kassad's tale was indeed started last night. Didn't finish it since I sort of nodded off, and I was sort of confused for the first few paragraphs when it was talking about the battle of Agincourt. But a right good read as far as I made it!


The battle of Agincourt? I know it had something to do with King Henry V, right? Sorry, it's too late and I just got back from two time zones west of here.

Great series of pics, Simon. I love photo stories (I'm sure you never could have guessed).

And, I agree about reading being better than TV. I have the same problem you had -- the nodding off.

Glad you didn't wake up on fire! Although, that would have made for an awfully exciting finish to this post.


The bear towel was from Walmart. I can almost hear Simon cringe.

Moksha Gren

Mark - Jet lag and can still pull out Henry V references? I'm impressed.

Émilie B

Yay! We have one here, and I have no big reservations about buying there - not with the amount of stuff I bought there already. They'll probably have the same stuff yours do. That's eerie, when you think about it.

Moksha Gren

He looks like a miniature shaman


Lovely! The sleeping one is especially gorgeous.... I could see it enlarged as a framed, black and white print.

The Rev

Sugar! Sugar! Sugar!!

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