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Monday, 27 August 2007



At this rate he'll be multisyllabically effulgent by a gratifyingly early age; perhaps within days.

Chances are good that he'll speak the way Melville writes, and then where will you be?



That's a great description of how it feels to come home to an anxiously awaiting child.

We know that Ben's verbal acuity is due in part to our tendencies to blather on and on.

But, when he uses a word like "perhaps" correctly while playing, I'm not sure where he gets it. We don't go around saying "perhaps."

I'm sure Tavish soon will be spewing words that make you wonder "where'd he get that word?"

Moksha Gren

That's wonderful.

It is so difficult to suss intent from the random blather. Technically, Norah said Mama around 4 months or so. But here we are at 13 months and she still doesn't say it with what I would count as meaning. I think many parents are over eager in what they count. My Mom visits and proudly annouces that every other sound the little girl makes is a word. Wishful thinking is a powerful drug.

What makes it tricky on our end is ASL. We've been very dilligent in teaching Norah sign language. She has quite a few words she can sign accurately, prooving that her linguistic channels are firing, but do those count as "words" in the sense that most people are asking? Probably not. She's in a linguistic no-man's land...words with no verbal ability.

I'm very much looking forward to the "Daddy, Daddy!" phase

Émilie B

That's really wonderful of Tavish! I can't imagine how amazing it must be to have a talking child. Xavier's communicating alright, but meant words must really be something else. As he's accomplished a lot of other essential stuff babies learn by now (crawling, walking, etc.), I'm looking forward to language as his next big step of development. So far he's chatting and has started trying to imitate words we tell him ("allo"/hi picked up at daycare, "oiseau"/bird my mom keeps pointing out to him from his image book or the window with the sky-pointing finger to go with it, even a pretty garbled "poisson"/fish from observing the fishtank, with accompanying bubble sound - actually we're probably pushing our interpretation of this one a little too far).

Moksha's comment reminds me of my own perception when filling in the baby book and getting to the "first word" field. When Xavier started chatting, he started with the "m" consonant, and "a" is the easy first vowell. Eventually he strung together syllables - mamama, baba, dadada - of course, but words? We have friends who have been proud to announce their kids were saying "maman" and "papa" very early on, but I've never been big on boasting Xavier could vocalize similar stuff. It came so gradually, I can't really put a definite date on it, and for me - sad as it is to admit - it's really missing substance until I notice he's associating a concept with the word. That's not to say I don't LOVE to hear him chat away in the back seat when we've just picked him up from the babysitter's after work and are heading home. I like to imagine he's recounting his day to us, as he well might in the future. If anything, it's charming to see the imitation efforts he has started on lately.

Encore bravo, Tavish! and to his proud (and well identified) daddy.

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