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Friday, 20 July 2007



I admit I'm not as adamant about avoiding the words you mentioned, but I'm not crazy about them, either.

So... great blog post! Way to meme!

To me, if you're going to meme, this is the way to do it. Give some good background on your choice. I hate all those questionnaires that people send on *cough-cough* a certain popular social networking site. They have short answers that, in the end, reveal little about that person. My favorite number is 7, but probably for a much different reason than the next person who claims it.

I have to say, Superman's Song is one of the coolest ever. The pacing, the tone. The backing vocals. Not to mention the theme. And, of course, CTD rox!

For a while, every time I saw him my brother asked me to do my impression of Vedder singing "Alive." I have to agree, 10 was a great one.

Eerie that you chose the hymns you heard growing up. I, too, have hymns pop into my head at random points during the week. "There is pow'r, pow'r, wonder working pow'r... In the blood (in the blood), of the lamb (of the lamb)."

Yes,the apostrophes were printed in the hymnal. They served as reminders to skip the final syllable.

I'm blaming you for this flub, Simon. Just now, while trying to remember another hymn, I was internally singing, "At Calgary," instead of "At Calvary."

I like this meme. I might adopt it for my... online journal publication thing. (sorry such a long comment)


Great songs, Simon...speaking of hockey, I have a couple good pics of The Cup to email to you, when I get a few minutes that don't involve children hanging from my limbs.

Moksha Gren

It's kinda sad...cuz I used to really love the word "meme" to discuss modern culture and religion and pretty much everything. Now it's become a cute word and it does indeed bug me. "Blog" on the other hand, is fine with me. Such an unattractive word, so Klingon in its root.

Aaaanywho...I liked your list. I too overplayed Ghost that Haunts Me and Ten. However, I find no joy in hearing Ten anymore. Sick of it to this day. Still love Pearl Jam, but it has to be the later stuff. It's probably linked with my illogical fad-avoidance thing, but that doesn't make it less real.

I get hymns stuck in my head too...but I don't know any of the words. I can't remember them from childhood and then I go to church with Moonshot's folks and get the melody in my head for months. Catchy tunes them hymns. I just make up my own words. I figure most of them were drinking songs before they were hymns, so I reckon they can take some lyrical alterations.

Like the new mug shot ;)


Mark, one thing I forgot about the original meme was to tag others who may be coerced into doing so. I normally don't like doing that either, but consider yourself so tagged. You're it!

JuJuBee, I will be envious of seeing pictures of hockey's Holy Grail, but I'd love to see them.

Moksha, one thing I didn't mention about Pearl Jam is how quickly I fell out of love with their newer stuff. Ten was a romp through awesome music, and I'm not really the sort to care much about whether it's popular or not. If I like it, I like it. Vs. was another good album, but not up to par with Ten. And then their stuff after that just went downhill in my opinion. Vedder's not the clearest singer to begin with, but he just kept mumbling more and more as their career went on.

I betcha that it'd be a load of fun to recreate well-known hymns with wholly inappropriate lyrics...

And thanks for that mug shot!


"Emaciated cactus."

You're such a strange man!

Émilie B

"même", in French, is translated as "same". That's pretty boring.

Nice going, though. ;)


Ten is all kinds of awesome, as is anything and everything by Cat Stevens. By Cat Stevens, mind. That's doesn't include anything he released after he changed his name to Yusef Islaam. The Crash Test Dummies never really did much for me. I mean, their second big single was what? "Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmmm, mmm." That's about as entertainig as twelve minutes of "na, na, na, na...na, na, na, na...Hey Jude!"


Come on, Paul, "Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm" was only the chorus. That song made some good points about fitting in and individualism. And blind faith in religion.

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