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Wednesday, 18 July 2007



Lizards rock!

I tried to come up with a clever phrase about the connection between the lizard and Dex's bald head (the top shot), but I got nothing'.

Émilie B

I like the fact that Dex is more occupied with the Mr. Freeze than with the lizard hanging off his shirt. Beautiful colours.


Mmmm, freezee! Last year I bought a case of freezees. I didn't notice at the time that they were "artificially sweetened." They're still in the freezer. I think Matt and I had one each and never looked at them again. I can't understand how products made with "artificial sweeteners" continue to exist. Who buys them? Blech!


As the second photo unrolled in Bloglines, I had a horrible moment where I thought Dex was doing an Ozzy Osbourne on the lizard. Well, he is pretty rock 'n' roll that kid.

Moksha Gren

Dex! Look out, that lizard is coming for your Freeze-Pop!!

Sarah - Had the same thought. Not sure why...concidering they look nothing alike, the lizard and the freeze-pop. But it was still a disturbing half-second or so.


The two neighbour kids a couple houses over own a trio of Bearded Dragons. They don't actually have beards (neither do the kids), but, when threatened, the lizards can puff out the sac of skin under the chin, which then looks like a beard given the spiky bristles you can see in that top shot.

I was surprised that Dex was as nonchalant about the lizards as he was. For a kid who was, for a time, terrified by random debris on the sidewalk, and still doesn't like dirt in his bath water, I never really know what's going to set him off and what's just going to interest him.

Moksha Gren

[laughter] I just saw your blog roll. Well played, sir.

Oh, not to be a typical worrisome parent, but I wanted to make sure you knew that reptiles are a pretty common carrier for salmonella. Not a big threat, just make sure Dex washes his hands after playing with 'em.

First year med students and first year parents, man...paranoid folks.


Moksha, I've had that link changed for just about two weeks now. I wanted to wait until you noticed it. Ha - har!!

I'm not too worried about Dex and washing his hands and stuff. We make a habit of feeding him raw chicken after he's handled Tavish's poopy diapers. Good for the immune system. After you realise you've got a backup kid in case anything happens to the first one, precautionary measures are generally shirked. Sometimes done away with entirely to make things more challenging.


Ha! Great reply about the poopy diapers and raw chicken. Anyway, new pet? Name?


Marian, no, not a new pet. If you look up a few comments you'll see that I mentioned the neighbour kids brought over their three Bearded Dragons to show off to our boys. The lizards do have names, but I forget them already.


Gosh, remember when Dex was afraid of debris? Those were the days!

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