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Tuesday, 03 July 2007


Moksha Gren

Hey...what's the matter with only posting twice a week? ;)

However, I'll admit that in a totally selfish way, I loved last November when you were posting every day. Totaly selfish because I've never mustered better than a three-post week.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear your Canada Day went smashingly well. BBQ overload!! And I enjoyed your story and your multi-contracted use of the language...even if I did have to scratch my head a bit to figure out what an eavestrough was.


Moksha, what do you call them? Rain gutters? I may be spoiled for terminology because my wife used to work in housing construction growing up, so I have been forced to become familiar with words like "soffit" and "facia" and the like. (One of the reasons I think she's so dead sexy is because she used to lug around a hammer and know what to do with it, in addition to driving a 5-speed pickup truck. Construction chicks who drive manual transmission trucks are totally hot!)


Now that I finally live in a house without trees to fill my gutters (eavestroughs), I have no gutters. Waaahhh!!

Glad you guys had fun. Grilled meat... yum.

Moksha Gren

Yeah, just gutters. I know terms like facia and soffit, but no one down here calls 'em eavestroughs...although the term make sense.

As for construction chicks...I couldn't agree more. Kari Byron on Mythbusters for instance. And I'm sure Amy would look equally hot swinging a hammer.

Émilie B

BBQ is summer. Plus, it tends to have a good influence on our summer diet, as we'll usually cook nice steaks or brochettes on it with fresh steamed vegetables to accompany it.

It's nice you could enjoy so many friendly celebrations throughout the weekend. I'm not quite jealous - fatigue these days would have drained me out of those parties after the first two hours - but it gives a long holiday weekend its full meaning. Go Canada!


well it looks like we will be continuing the BBQ theme this weekend with Amy so gratiously inviting us over. Thank you so much. Look forward to seeing you all.


Congratulations on retaining your j-stroke from your pioneering Ontario roots; perhaps we'll meet someday in the Quetico....

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