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Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Moksha Gren

Yes, Simon. I too am kicking myself for not thinking up that poem. How could I have missed it? Oh, I know...even having read it I'm lost, so the odds of me writing it in the first place seem remote. Although I am a monkey of sorts and I do own a type writer. So I guess there was a chance.

I'm glad Tav is feeling better. It's just so heart wrenching when the little ones are ill and you have to sit there helpless and wait for everything to run its course.

Our living room rug has developed a certain funk in its year with Norah. When finances allow, I plan on having it cleaned but good. Luckily the couches are leather...very baby puke friendly.

And hurray, hurray, hurray for the completion of Moby Dick. You are the only non-English professor I personally know who has actually finished it. I know English grad students who had tried and failed. But you made it. I am impressed.

Oh, and inspired by your wonderful pictionary, I found this.


Hurray for quick recovery. We no lika da feva in da little ones.

Glad to hear MD is a good book. I've never even started Moby Dick, and I have an English degree. It just never popped up on any of my many syllabi.

Now, how long you think Hyperion will take?

Again I'm left out of the whole furniture/carpet stink thing. Ben just never was a spit-upper or puker (yet).


Moksha, I've added a line under the poem to make its origin clearer. (more clear?) I called my wife late morning and both boys were howling at her in stereo, so it seems that the younger is well recovered. And yeah, leather couches are on my wish-list to replace the upstairs furniture when we're forced to buy new stuff after the basement renos are done. Moby Dick really is an awesome piece of work. There were a couple chapters whose inclusion seemed odd, but a masterful piece of writing that should not be missed.

I can't thank you enough for that picture. It will probably find its way onto this site before too long...


Mark, we cross-commented. Hyperion will be much faster. It's shorter, for one, and I don't have to worry about overcoming 150 years worth of evolution in the English language.

But seriously, I do highly recommend Moby Dick.

Moksha Gren

Ah...the poem is now indeed very funny. Thanks.

When you're done with Hyperion...you should write an inscription and mail it off to Mark with a strange bookmark still in place. It seems fitting somehow. ;)

Émilie B

Glad to hear Tavish is doing better! It's rough on the heart to know one's kid is in pain when one doesn't have the power to change this.

Moksha's picture would not display; only the page url was typed out within the page. Luckily, though, I posess enough geekness to resolve this issue, and tried the url with IExplorer, which produced the correct image - thus deducting a cool point from Flock. Firefox proved worthy, though, which surprised me : I thought this Mozilla-based browser would behave like Flock.

Good job on finishing a classic! I have about 4/5th of the Illiad plowed through myself. I'm determined to finish it... someday.


So glad you dumbed it down!


I tag thee, sir Simian: a meme.

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