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Thursday, 26 July 2007


Moksha Gren

Way to go, Amy and Simon! Newspaper, eh? Beating back incursions with strongly worded editorials...I love it. Can't wait for the pictures.

In yet another odd coincidence, Moonshot and I are currently working on a basement remodel as well. Nothing major, just smoothing out some walls and painting an dhopefully getting some new lighting down there. The currently goal is to get it put generally back together by Norah's party this Saturday.

Alec Lynch

Tamara and I thought about doing some landscaping. Then we realized it was a lot easier just to put scenic posters over all the windows.


Nicely done. Well, done, anyway. We'll leave any modifiers for after we see pictures.


Amy: Geez, Mom, I don't know why we're getting weeds over in the limestone garden, there.

Amy's Mom: Did ya use newspaper like I told ya?

Amy: Oh, ya.

Amy's Mom: What kind of weed killer did ya soak it in before spreading it out, there?

Amy: Umm. Weed killer?


Moksha, Amy was more of the opinion that the papers would give the big tree something to read, but beating back the weeds with editorials has a nice ring to it too. I think we're going to commit to a renovator guy this week to come and start our basement next month, so we're both a little scared of how it'll look and how much more bare our bank accounts will look. Oh well.

Alec, sometimes when you say "Tamara and I", I get the picture of you as the one doing the thing you mention, and Tamara as the one shaking her head in the background.

Mark, pictures to come, certainly. Probably Saturday. Nobody mentioned anything about the weedkiller. Too late now.

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