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Saturday, 28 July 2007



My favorite part is when he says something about Lightnin' McQueen and you quickly pan over to the famous race car, then back to Dex.

That, of course, along with the footage of Tavish giving up on his spoon in favor of just plunging hand in the milk for some straight mitt to maw action.

Jayson Merryfield

Between Dex's battle wounds and Tav's shirtlessness, it seems like it's a real wild weekend for the men of the Fraser household.


It's OK, Granny, we'll fix him later! Here, talk to Tavish on the spoon.


The dynamic between Tavish and Declan just cracks me up. I think you should start calling Tavish "Bubba."

Émilie B

Haven't been able to quite keep up with all the posting - 30 people birthday party hosting and trying to get some progress done on HP7 through that and all - but it's still nice to skim on some news.

My favourite part is Tavish's reusing the spoon for imitation after giving up on it earlier. As an older sister, I'm already getting sympathetic of Dex : for now (and for us) it's way cute, but he's got SO much imitation-from-smaller-sibling ahead of him.

Moksha Gren

The layers of mimicry going on here are wonderful. Dex copying you down to looking at the phone to announce the time. "PM" he says definitively. And then Tav mimicking Dex's mimicry. Cruder and cruder copies right down the line, but clearly some little neurons were firing.

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