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Tuesday, 24 July 2007



Sounds like some hard, hot work going on in and around the Simian household. I hope there's some play with the same modifiers going on to provide some balance.

You know, even after all this time, I still haven't tried peanut butter toast with chocolate chips. I did, however, have some peanut butter and banana toast for breakfast one day when I was out of cereal and milk (I should run out of those more often!).


Mark, odd as it may sound, I love the chances I get to sweat it out with some hard labour out of doors. shovelling, chopping wood, lifting heavy things... it's a sort of zen focus distilled down to sweat for me. I love it, not least because I spend so much of each day on my ass in front of a computer.

You really oughta try PB & choc chips on toast. To DIE for!

Moksha Gren

You read my mind, sir. My opening comment would have been to ask about Hyperion. Even I can't hold it agains tyou that you paused for Potter. It's time-sensitive, ya know. However, are you at least enjoying it enough to return after Potter's done?

I'm with you on the manual labor thing. Don't get me wrong...I'm procrastinate it and avoid it...but once I start, I almost always enjoy the oppertunity to work hard and see actual physical results. Sure...a new employee manual or a cool spreadsheet is work well done...but you just don't get quite the same "I did this" vibe that you do when you had to sweat for it.

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