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Friday, 27 July 2007


Moksha Gren

Google Images seems to indicate that Sylvan Lake is, in deed, a lovely little place. Here's shoping Amy enjoys here time there.

I just don't get the Facebook obcessions. My brother is hooked on it too. He showed it to me and raved about it...but it just looked like MySpace to me. What am I missing?

Have fun smashing stereotypes this weekend. I like to think I did well with my similar time last week. People seemed impressed...but then, like you said...as a working father, the mere fact that I didn't blow up the house and loose my daughter amidst the clutter is enough in some folks' eyes to garner praise.


MG, I do understand the obsession with Facebook, I just don't subscribe to most of that same obsession. Mostly not my cup of tea. Through that portal, though, I was able to rekindle a friendship with an old high school chum who's in the military and has served two tours in Afghanistan.

I think it's a whole lot different than MySpace, and the crowd does seem, on the whole at least, a little more mature. Still lots of silly fluff I strive to avoid though.

I'll raise a glass to myself this weekend in honour of not killing or seriously maiming either of my sons.


I think it's funny when people find out I took care of Ben all alone for a weekend (or that such a time is impending). They say things like, "How'd you do without Shannon?" or "So, are you gonna be okay?"

I suppose if I were accustomed to spending 10 hours on the golf course or Xbox over a weekend I might be concerned. But, I'm a family guy through and through. I didn't get into this fatherhood thing so I could keep doing what I always did (which involved neither golf nor any type of game console -- those were just examples).

I say, Dang movies like Daddy Daycare!


Mark, the stereotype of the incompetent father... heck, the incompetent boob of a man or husband is annoying as all hell to me. Look at the trend in sitcoms on the idiot box these days and all you see is a goofball husband who somehow managed to snag a gorgeous, competent, yet nagging wife. Can't stand it, frankly.

I may not go so far as to use the sort of strong language you do ("Dang!") since this is a family blog, after all.


I'm not posting about Harry Potter because I don't want anyone to know I'm reading it ... wait ... damn it. It's for the same reason I covered my book with a blanket when I left it in the car: I don't want any nasty person knowing I'm enjoying it and ruining whatever surprises lay ahead for me. Paranoid maybe, but I'm determined to enjoy this book at my own pace.


Taste of Edmonton sounds a lot like Taste of Duluth -- the thought of either of which would probably make anyone from New York or San Fransisco gag. But we like em, right?

I'm not posting about Harry Potter, obviously. I have a hard time with Harry Potter mainly because I don't enjoy one-dimensionally evil characters. I like my evil a bit more tormented and complex.

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