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Wednesday, 20 June 2007



Nice pic, Simon! Very M.C. Escher.

Moksha Gren

I think I've seen this one before..but I still love it. It's very...Simon ;)

However, I'd get in trouble if I had my shoes on the couch like that.


Fun! Like a fish-eye lens.

Now, however, I cannot escape the embigulatorium. Help!


Cute shot!!!

Émilie B

Aww, I was gonna go with "Nice Escher" but someone beat me to it. Yours is a lot more colourful than what I've seen of his art. Speaking of the guy... LEGO Escher, yeah!

Cool toy chest. That a Little Tikes?


Jadon, thanks!

Moksha, if you possessed full knowledge of the many and varied substances that have been inadvertently deposited on our living room furniture, you too would learn to approach shoes on the sofa with the same degree of nonchalance as I now do.

Mark, you were never intended to escape the embigulatorium. We'll feed you daily and provide the bare necessities for hygiene. Welcome.

Terri, thanks.

Émy, to quote a famous dead Jedi, your insight serves you well. That is, indeed, a Little Tikes toy chest. I have since carved a hole in the side with a utility knife so that when crustified milk needs to be cleaned out, the water has somewhere to drain. (I know, you didn't ask, but I felt like sharing.)


What'd Declan do with the batteries he was taking out of the remote?


Very cool shot. My favourite part is Amy and Dex on the couch just off to the side. Quite artistic, that.

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