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Wednesday, 13 June 2007



Also qualifies for this: Monday Photo Shoot.

Moksha Gren

It's a message from beyond! Simon is away...but his blog keeps churning out content. Miraculous!!

Cool shot, Si. It took me a second to see the bee. At fist I thought you were just trying to let us know that warm weather had finally arrived in Edmonton and brought a flower or two with it. Now I see there was a cool moment going on. Well captured.


Nicely did, Simon, nicely did.

You've either mentioned or shown the bee pic before, yes?

Émilie B

I just saw Moksha's WW and my first thought was 'I sense a theme.' But the colors are stunning - very delicate pictures from both of you - and the bee there transforms the picture into a discovery.

Congratulations on your first WW.

You said you usually liked to caption pics with people in it - or animals, I guess, as they could be the ones forming thoughts used in captions. The only one that passed through my head is :
"Honey. Honey. Honey. Honey. Honey."

Émilie B

...and that's really irreverent.

PS. Re: theme. I just saw one of my friend posted an entry on her kid's blog titled "I love flowers". And I planted a row of perennials yesterday. I DO sense a theme.


Amazing shot!!! Verwe purdy and JJ would say.

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