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Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Émilie B

Wednesday is now a flood of beautiful shots. :D

This is very relaxing. You were wishing for just a trifle less breeze then, weren't you? ;)


I LOVE reflection shots, and yet I have only a few I like.

Good one, Simon. I like the slight breeze. Gives the reflection a brush stroked look.

Moksha Gren

Very cool picture. Where was it taken?

My Mom's folks used to own a resort on the Lake of the Ozarks when I was a kid. Had a heated fishing dock like this that I have fond memories of. Also saw similar places down in Louisiana. But, apparently they exist up north as well.

PS - I can't stand these Wordless Wednesday posts that don't care enough to publish early. Slacker ;)


Emy, I don't mind that the breeze ruffled the water a bit. As Mark mentioned, it sort of gives this one a brushed look. I like it!

Moksha, this one was taken a couple years ago when Amy and I toted Dex out to Ontario to tour him around our respective families. Amy's family is all in a place called Smiths Falls, "The Chocolate Capital of Ontario" since they have a monstrous Hershey factory there, which of course we toured.

Leaving the 1-year-old Dex with family for a couple hours, Amy showed me around the place on foot (it's not very big), and this was just a cute little water-way that we found. There is a small series of locks nearby that'll fit vessels no bigger than a good sized motor boat.

Just after this was taken we saw a garter snake in the grass that scared the bejeezuz out of Amy. Fun!


Beautiful picture.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, especially as it relates to chocolate, but that Hershey factory is slated to close. My condolences.

the Mater

"Dude", I'm lovin' these artsy-fartsy photographs and the whole clever "wordless Wednesday" posts. Do you mind if I borrow the idea? I'll change the day of week to keep it legal and all that :>)

Don't worry about Declan - he'll come around and get all cozy with dad again, probably around the time he has to ask you for the keys to the car!

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