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Saturday, 16 June 2007



Si, I do believe that those little squirrels with the racing stripes are known as chipmunks. A rodent non the less.

Moksha Gren

Wow...I totally wanna go there! It looks absolutely beautiful and your pictures, every one of them, are great.

You say that the US and Canada are exatly the same in your shot...but I disagree. The trees on the Canadian side have a distinctive red tinge to them. Chalk it up to patriatism or a socialist leaning depending on who you talk to ;)

I look forward to the rest of your vacation and hope you have a good time at the wedding. From the pictures I've seen...I think you normally do.

Good to have you back, Si.

Jayson Merryfield

Tres interessant. Congrats on the well deserved vacation - it looks beautiful. Now I'm going to have to find some time to head down there myself, from the looks of it. Rugged mountains? Yep - right up my alley. Hopefully the boys enjoyed grandma and grandpa.


Definitely a chipmunk.

I never knew that about the 49th parallel's upkeep. Very cool.

Great post -- pics and text. What struck me was the clarity of those mountain lakes. I haven't seen that since our 9th anniversary trip to western Wyoming.

This gets me totally stoked for our upcoming trip to New Mexico/Colorado, for our own time in the Rocky Mountains. I can't wait! Jackets in July! Woot!


You totally win the prize for cheesiest grin, that's for sure. Glad you two had a nice time away!


Waterton rocks. Sue and I went there two years ago and had a great time. I nearly died on the Crypt Lake hike, though. Silly cliffs.

You should check out the book "The Bear's Embrace"...

Émilie B

Well since no getaway is planned into our upcoming vacation time, it's great to be able to peek at other people's trips. Awesome pics!


Great shots. We had planned to head to the mountains this summer, but with moving and all, that sort of got put on the back burner. Ah well!


Spectacular pictures.

Happy Father's Day.


Gotta say, anyone who doesn't recognise a Chipmunk when he sees one has been away from Ontario far too long.

Cheeseburger Brown

Welcome back!

Moksha Gren

Happy Belated Father's Day, Si. Hope it was a great one.

Also, I hope you first day back to work isn't too horrible after enjoying mountain views, crystal clear lakes, and squirrels camouflaging themselves as chipmunks.


Grandpa, thanks. Fixed. I feel shame for my oversight.

Moksha, it was way beautifuller than even the pictures can express. Definitely going to make at least an annual trip of it. Perhaps we can spark some sort of uprising due to the proximity to the US border. Get Montana and Alberta to secede and form an independent, socialist country. Who's with me?!

Jayson, the boys were great with the grandparents. Which is nice, because that means next time we can leave them alone for two days in a row for a little personal getaway.

Mark, thanks for the rodent reminder. Vacations in the mountains are awesome! Not least because you always run the risk of death, whether by gravity or bear mauling. Combine that with the epicurean delights of a triple chocolate waffle cone and there's hardly a better holiday to be had.

Tal, cheesy grins are one of my specialties.

Kelly, thanks for supporting my theory that the potential for death makes vacations funner.

Émy, I live vicariously through others so much of the time, I'm happy to be able to do the same on rare occasions like this.

Terri, I feel your pain. The holidays I have remaining for this year will be consumed with taking time off for home renos. Damn!

Hazel, thanks!

Paul, the third reminder is the best one. I do (now) recall that Ontario squirrels are about the size of Alberta house cats. How I got that mixed up with a chipmunk will haunt me for the rest of my days. Or at least for the rest of this week.

CBB, I had your stories to come back to, and that was awfully swell.

MOksha (again), I got Dairy Queen ice cream and a home made dinner for F-Day, so that was great indeed. Working isn't quite as fun as camouflaged chipmunks, but at least I have the pics to keep me company.

*wipes brow in exhaustion*


Man, how is that border maintained? Is there some orbital laser? Is that really like that? I'm going to look it up on the internets...


Somehow, each time I read "F-day," I'm not thinking Father's Day.

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