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Saturday, 30 June 2007



Awesome robot kid!

I've dodged the diss bullet so far, but I can see it coming any day now.

I'm sure you found something to do with your free time. I know I would.

Moksha Gren

It's a great robot, Simon...even if Dex failed to realize it ;)

In the end though, you really don't want a kid who would rather hang out with his Dad than with kids his own age. Leads to odd socialization isues down the road, methinks. So, in your new found free time...take comfort in the fact that you're raising a well-adjusted boy.

Also...I'm liking the new banner. First time Jango's made an appearance there, I think.


Just wait until he starts asking for the truck keys...


Great Robot. Jakey will be jealous!

As for him choosing his friends over you...get used to it. My kids already find us totally UN cool and Boring...until they need a snack/money/entertaining, etc. Then we rock apparently.

Émilie B

You know it's a good thing the boys make friends. That means in the future a decent portion of their time will be spent playing with the other kids, and while you still have to watch over them now, in a short while they will be old enough to roam around the neighbourhood by themselves for a certain amount of time, and that time will return entirely to yourself, to fill as you see fit. Of course, you'll only be half conscious of what you do in that time, a big portion of your mind absorbed in all the ways your boys' activities in the wild of the suburbs could lead to injury and general bad peer influence.

Nice refreshing new banner. And good for you, confident enough in your manhood to use a flower font for the title. :)

PS. Don't worry about your boy's future in the land of peers. Being raised by good people will sort them out when trouble arises.


Mister Dude. Love it! So did the neighbour kids settle on Mr. Fraser, or Simon?


Darn cool outfit,

I am thinking Mr. Si is a good appelation for the neighborhood kids to pick up on.



Mark, the diss bullet strikes unerringly at the heart. Be wary. Free time? What's that?

Moksha, it's true, I don't want to hang out with my teenaged son in front of the 7-11, sneering at all the old people who walk through the door and revelling in my surliness, but to see the beginnings of his tearing away from us is strangely sad.

Wil, that day scares me even more...

Terri, you've been forced to lure them with quads already. I don't know what we'll do. Perhaps we can confer on Saturday? Amy's buying steak. LOTS of steak! (I hope you guys like steak. Seriously.)

Émy, we're getting trained for our boys to start roaming the neighbourhood because our place has become the local magnet for all the neighbour kids who are old enough. And I'm more than confident enough to have a flower font as part of my banner. I'm enjoying the summer weather so much right now...

Tal, they've not settled on any one appellation. It waffles between Mr. Dude, Simon, Si-Mo, Simon Dude, and Hey Dude! Always respectfully, you understand.

BOB, I think Mr. Si would be a wonderful name to settle on. I'll work on it.

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