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Monday, 04 June 2007



Great account of a truly geeky bachelor party. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Mondegreens are one of my favorite forms of language blunders. Songs, especially, are fun.

One of the most popular search terms leading people to my blog is "Reverend Blue Jeans," so I'm pretty sure a lot of people are trying to figure out what the heck Neil Diamond is saying in that song.

Now, excuse me while I kiss this guy.

Moksha Gren

Finally..the full story behind the drunken emails you were sending Friday night ;)

Sadly...I've never been to a stag/bachelor party that wasn't that geeky. Perhaps it's my circle of friends ;)

No..I take that back...my brother's memphis trip was supposed to be a mobile bachelor party prior to the break-up. So even that one tornado of debauchery can't really be claimed. Plus..Duke and I snuck away form most of the rawdiness to take in tourist sites...truly geeky.

Half the parties I go recently devolve into geeky discussions of whether or not, and I quote, "the Star Trek uniforms from the OS and TNG are 'similar'" Imagine a heated debate about the exact definition of "similar" before the discussion was cut short by a heated Magic: The Gathering tournement. Sigh.

Yea for Guitar Hero! Yea for scary sheep!! And a surprising yea for Lacey Chabert...who knew?


See.....my hubby and friends have NOT matured yet apparently. Last party hubby was at, they were out in a farm field at 3 am trying to steal a goat.

Émilie B

lol, thanks for the laugh, Si.

I can count on the fingers of one hand the people of my generation I know who have gotten married - truly a dwindling tradition around here. This means, unfortunately, that we loose the accompanying bachelor/bachelorette parties. Heh.

Moksha Gren

Also...had never heard the phrase "peeler bar" before. I that a commonly used phrase there or just a clever term you used?


Mark, don't take this the wrong way, but give that guy a kiss for me too.

Moksha, not all my stag parties have been so geeky. There's been a definite trend away from the debauchery and toward the degeekery. (There really *ought* to be at least a little debauchery though. A definite Yay! for Lacey Chabert.)

In regards to the "peeler bar," it's a term I've grown up with, in a manner of speaking. Along with other euphemisms. My wife always called it "the ballet," and in covert situations, my circle of friends had once gotten in the habit of referring to it as "Wendy's."

Terri, what the heck do you do with a goat after you've stolen it?

Émy, just because you're not getting married (officially) is no excuse not to party like you are. It would be a sad thing not to have a bachelor(ette) party where appropriate. They're frequently much better when they're inappropriate. My wife never asked me about mine, and I never asked her about hers. We're fantastically happy together.


After you get it? I prefer not to know thank you very much.

Jayson Merryfield

I think peeler bar might be an Edmonton turn of phrase, similar to bunnyhug in Saskatchewan. The ballet was pretty popular too, when discussing these things around younger cousins.

One of the mondegreens that always makes me laugh isn't really a mondegreen - it's flat out my wife's inability to remember the words to "Lovers in a Dangerous Time". She always sings it a "Lovers from a Dangerous Time", which constantly reminds me of a bad Star Trek episode. Oh well, such is life, I suppose.



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