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Friday, 01 June 2007



Sometimes I hate to stop and feed Ben when we're having a good time. But, we all know what comes later if the kid hasn't eaten.

In the doghouse/woodshed picture, Dex looks like one of the toughs you see slink out from the shadows and say, "You got business heeya? 'Cuz I didn't send no engraved invitation."

Can Jango pull that stroller with child in it? Looks like Dex is having a bit of trouble reining him in.

Tav looks like a hog with an apple in its mouth. Good thing he's too cute to cook.

Moksha Gren

You didn't sound morose yesterday...just worn out. A totally understandable reaction to a hard day working.

I love the new banner and the pictures are awesome. Got a kick that you called the Strawberry pic "Stuffed_Pig." Also...with the plaid and the tat...Dex looks alot like his uncle in that bottom picture.

I'll admit, I had a few seconds in which I forgot that the 30 degrees was Celcius. I was about to go on another tirade fueled by my warm-climate mentality about your crazy cold weather. But...never mind.


Those were great pictures -- especially the last one. What a fantastic thing to have an outdoor pool so close to your house. We had a river, but you know, much higher stress taking your kid somewhere with rapidly flowing current and waterfalls...

Kind of funny that you forgot to feed Tavish. Not an unfamiliar scenario.


Way to go with the swimming Simon! Take advantage of the proximity and get them wet frequently.

Fabulous pictures!


Great pictures! I always love all of your masthead photos.

I had a great idea a couple of weeks ago regarding my giant, unused dog house. I put a fresh bowl of water inside it. Now Shadow goes in there regularly...drinks...and comes back out again.



Mark, Dex doesn't normally have much trouble with Jango. More often we have to admonish the boy to go a little gently on the dog. The kid can hold his own, for sure.

Moksha, I never put my brother and the boy together based on that particular choice of clothes, but now that you mention it...

I don't think I'd ever really go on about how awesome the weather was if it was only about 30 Farenheit. Except maybe in mid-January - because that would be a scorcher of a day then!

Marian, I think that was the first time I've neglected one of the boy's appetites for the better part of an entire afternoon and evening. Hooray for another milestone!

Tal, that pool was under renovations nearly all of last summer, so while it was tantalizingly close, we couldn't get in until late August when it finally re-opened. And then it closed for the season. We'll definitely be getting in there LOTS this summer.

Paul, I'm particularly pleased with this month's photo, thanks. And I had no idea Shadow was as ambivalent towards his dog house as our pup(s) is (were) towards his (theirs). Why can't they just do what we want them to do?!

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