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Thursday, 10 May 2007


Émilie B

That reporter did a great job with his article title, I love it!

Moksha Gren

Beautiful. I would have liked to seen that writer's face light up when they came up with that one. Additionally..I would have liked to see their editor groan when it was turned in.


As a former reporter who wracked his brain for great headlines, I stand and applaud.

Just wonderful.


Oh that is PRICELESS!

Not as funny as the headline I saw once, though, about the local authorities having a hard time figuring out who was stealing prosthetic legs from disabled residents in the area - something along the lines of "Prosthetic limbs stolen; Police stumped".

More clever (MUCH more), perhaps, and made the more impressive by the serendipitous timing... but not funnier, no sir. But then I live with a ten year old.

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