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Sunday, 20 May 2007



Used paperbacks = 50 cents
Used Hardbacks = a dollar
New books, unread = 30% of face value

Sunday book sales = 50 cents/lb

At least it looked like food...


Ah, yes. I, too, have felt the sting of over-pricing garage sale items.

That last detail... just glad this was Monday, the one morning I don't eat breakfast during my pre-work blog check.


Lord that was funny! Sorry to hear the books didn't sell as well as you would have liked. Given any thought to donating them?

Moksha Gren

Sorry you didn't sell much. And while I do think you were overpriced...assuming a book should be cheaper because it's old is hilarious.

Corn Pops...good eatin' in the morning
Corn Poofs...nice crunchy snack any time of day
Corn Poops...delicious to dogs when served fresh.

Aparently corn is just tasty...no matter what sort of processing it goes through ;)


Note to self..DO NOT MARK BOOKS TOO HIGH! Ours starts Friday night.


Note to self..DO NOT MARK BOOKS TOO HIGH! Ours starts Friday night.


Wil, it's that kind of pricing that makes me cringe. Even more than knowing my dog eats poo.

Mark, you have a kid and a dog... you should be as immune as I am to this sort of mild domestic occurrence.

Tal, I've thought about donating them, and there are many I'd like just to be rid of, so I may start considering that more seriously soon.

Moksha, yes I know I had overpriced the books, but that first gal left such a bad taste in my mouth that my obstinacy really asserted itself. Like it normally needs any help.

Terri, good luck with your own garage sale. Good luck with your own garage sale.


Sorry about the books. And the TMI.

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