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Saturday, 12 May 2007


alec lynch

"shouldn't sing with your mouth full..."

Whew. Is this Simon Cowell or Simon Fraser's blog? ;)


p.s.: Love Mr. Tavishead.


You sound just like my dad! he used to tell me the same thing.


Mr. Tavishead, lol Alec.
I'm willing to bet if you hide this picture away for, say 16 years, Tav will bring one eerily identical home from college... kind of like an age-progression thing.
That's quite an artsy photo of the tea, Si.
Cute song, Dex. Are those birthday balloons still hanging around in the corner? That's some serious helium.


The Mr. Tavishead photo is great! Shannon laughed out loud (does anyone use "aloud" anymore?).

The tea picture is outstanding. In the days of film, you might have missed that one, and wouldn't you have hated that? I would have.

I think your kids have the same sandbox mine has. Oh, and how did you get colored sand? Very cool, even if it did turn out grey in the end.

Moksha Gren

Excellent shot of the tea. As if God himself hand delivered that mug to you.

Mr. Tavishhead is just missing his little bowtie. Very cute.

And I'm not sure I'd let my kids play in that radioactive sand. I mean..unless you're crossing your fingers and hoping for some sort of mutant abilities to form.


That's what the glasses are for Moksha...to protect humanity from Tav's newfound poweres. Duh!

Great pics!

Moksha Gren

Good point, Tal. Either that, or Tav is working on his alter ego disguise.


That sand came from the grandparents and was sprinkled sparingly into the sandbox (full of regular sand) last summer. But since we dumped all the sand out for the winter and filled the sandbox with plastic balls in our basement, we had nothing to fill it with when we brought it out for this summer. So the rest of the "fancy" sand got used and the boys took to it like flies to shyte.

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