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Monday, 07 May 2007



Happy birthday Declan! Looks like everyone had a grand old time, and the backyard looks great!


Happy Birthday to Declan. Seems as if the dog is on crack or something...wowie. The picture of Tav with the grandpaps is pricesless, as is your banner. I love looking at your kids!

Alec Lynch

Really hazel? I actually thought the dog looked calmer than usual. For a second there I thought he was actually going to attempt a clockwise turn.

Great pics as always.


Moksha Gren

What agreat batch of pictures. Between Amy's recent posts and this...we're getting spoiled with Canadian cuteness. And jeez, I feel guilty when we leave a few bits of cereal on the floor. Seems I have to prepare myself for the spaghetti cluster bomb.

Amesome job on the yard, Si. I could spy no dog doo in any of the pictures. Someone has been busy ;)

I love the video of Dex singing "No more monkeys jumpin' on the bed." It always amazes me when talking with my wife who grew up in Minnesota about the differences in the childhood songs we sang. Minor variations in the lyrics or songs that one of us had just never heard of. For instance: the different lyrics Amy sang to "If you're happy and you know it." It's nice to see that the monkeys are a universal.


Great summation of the celebration.

I dig your darkside shirt, Si.

In that last pic, it looks like Jango's standing on a trap door. On his left and in front of him, there seems to be an indented part of the grass making a semicircle. Trap door. He's just not heavy enough to trip it, but I'll be that's what happened to the boxer.

Glad the weather broke. That Rock, Roll, 'n' Ride provided fun for everyone!


Ah gorgeous pictures. I love the one of Tavish and the lemon and the last one is definitely perfect. Next weekend, my own turns 20, with somewhat less fanfare...

Émilie B

Better than pictures is... more pictures! and videos!

Awesome cake! (Was that bed his birthday gift? I do sense a theme here...) Glad the weather turned!


Tal, everybody DID have a grand time. The yard clean-up we just did the weekend prior, so made it under the gun on this year.

Hazel, that's standard operating procedure for the dog. You should see him when he really gets hyper. I wish I were joking.

Alec, thanks for backing me up there.

Moksha, the yard wasn't as bad as I was expecting. By the time I got out there to do some serious raking, much of the autumn detritus had dried out enough to reduce the gross factor to something reasonably tolerable. So I was able to ignore the poop being scooped up with the leaves. Then the power raker destroyed the rest of the evidence.

Monkeys are, indeed, universal.

Mark, that's my new favourite T-shirt. I wish I could wear it to work more often. The weather breaking really was the saving grace of the day. Having all our guests cooped up in our house would have made for a much less buoyant atmosphere, helium balloons notwithstanding.

Marian, I can only hope that mine can end up the same sort of gentlemen as what your boy has turned into. But without our having to go through the same sorts of trials as what you did in his youth.

Émilie, the bed was a gift from a little over a year ago. Even then his CARS obsession was well and truly established.


Your children are cute. In fact, your wife is cute, Auntie Carrie is cute, cousin BANDA! is cute. I sense a pattern here. I am so depressed.

Quote is from Threepio when the wookies er, um, Ewoks are about to roast Luke, Han, and Chewie.


That is one seriously neurotic dog. He has been in virtually every recent video. Does he ever stop?

Declan appears to have a promising future career as a plumber or electrician lined up, judging from the last bit of the vid.


Looks like a good time had by all. My little guy LOVES lemons. How he gets them down without those awful faces is beyond me.

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