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Friday, 25 May 2007



Oh man. That kid is so damn cute! How can you stand it? That little sign at the end.... sheesh.


This is so freakin' adorable. I love how you can see the wheels turning in his head while he's playing you.


Hey, shouldn't there be some sort of excalamation point at the end of the title to denote Luke's almighty indignation?

LOVEed the video Simon. Made me laugh. Tav's laugh is getting more and more "grown-up" too! Way too cute.


I remember those days all too well. That's going to be a very important sound in Tavish's life, I suspect. Particularly when he gets that glint in his eye as he looks around for another target...


That sound you make is so entertaining, it's no wonder he goes back for more.

But, I supposed the word "no" would elicit the same response at this boundaries-testing phase.


That's tre funny. I like the submission at the end. Sounds like he says, "o-kay."

I did the same thing with both of my kids and used pretty much the same sound. I tried it on my brother's boy when he was getting into the cupboards and it made him cry. My brother's wife said, "we don't say no to our baby."


Ha! Like Men have learned not to touch! HA!


Sounded like he had finally said "Okay" too. Very sweet.

Moksha Gren

That's wonderfully adornable. I play a similar game with Norah. It's fun and cute...but I always worry that I'm turning "No" into a fun game.


So damn cute. Don't you wish that they (we) could forever be so easily amused?

Two Write Hands

Just wait, those adorable giggles will turn to whining. They figure out it's not a game. ;)

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