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Wednesday, 09 May 2007



That was DIRTY! I didn't even get it right away...heh!


It took me a minute to get what Tal was talking about. Apparently I haven't kept up on my euphenisms/slang.

Anyway...a quote from that other trilogy, hm....

Episode I, Yoda talking to Mace at the end.


I got the reference right away. I was just confused as to who was speaking. Left me wondering exactly what else I didn't know about Simon.


We get one funny quote from innocence, and one after its fall (though not in that order).

I still think I'm not sure who was talking at what point, in order for that dirty play on words to make sense.


Tal, that's why my wife is the Master.

Alvis, your ability to extract the Star Wars references brings warm feelings to my heart.

Paul, the unknowableness of Simon is huge beyond imagining. Huge like the Death Star, but without lasers.

Mark, I'm very good at not making sense. And that moment was very improvised, so we both just said whatever came to mind.

Moksha Gren

I'm with every one else. I had to reread it several times to figure out who was talking. In the end it was not only dirty...but just as alarming as it originally appeared to be.

Remind me not to engage you in dinner conversation, Si.

Simon's unknowableness may be huge...but I have it on good athority that there is a small exhaust port that leads to the main reactor. So there is, at least, a new hope of knowing the seemingly unknowable Simian.


Moksha, I don't know if you just used "a new hope" intentionally, but I love those little references.

And I swear I can be good over dinner conversation. I'm telling you, it's my wife!

Moksha Gren

Well..I would have worked in some of the other titles...but they're pretty unwieldy for normal conversation. I suppose I could have tried to describe the Simian's cheesy taco lurking like some sort of phantom menace. But really...no one wants that.

And really...picking on your poor, innocent wife like that. You should be ashamed... besmirching her reputation.


I have a reference.

By the power of Greyskull, I have... oh, wait, wrong universe.

These aren't the droids you're looking for.

Émilie B

Yay! First title I could recognize. Don't know when they say it, but I definitely recognized it as a SW quote.

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