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Thursday, 03 May 2007



A thoroughly perfect example of the fact that we all (well, most of us) want the very thing we cannot have. Dex is starting early... ;-) I had some Jack Squat once. It wasn't anything near what it's cracked up to be.


Hurray for the office drone dads!

Don't our families know that they're there to show their smiling faces and good cheer when we get home?

Instead, the one thing that keeps us going in to work is the one thing that makes coming home from it a crap shoot. Well, with e-mail and mobile phones, most dads pretty much know what's coming before they step in the door, but it's still random.

And that's the kind of reward that keeps humans coming back more than any other. Or so they told me in my high school and college psychology courses.

Oh, and I loved the request for "jack squat." It's good for kids to know that sometimes they just aren't going to get what they want, no matter how badly they want it.


LOL Love it!


Your title is in reference to the sinister looking tree that Luke must enter as part of his training on Dagobah?

Right now one of my sons in turning me into an ill manered scrooge and it's not the one that was born five weeks ago, grrr....

Moksha Gren

The title of this post works very well with your banner ;)

Sorry to hear they're wearing you thin. It's all part of the waxing and waining of parental fun, I suppose. Some days you can hardly express how wonderful they make you feel. A few days later you think back on that overly happy former self and wonder what sort of delusional state he was in.


Heh. Cute *and* clever. Although I'm going to say that the fact that he asked for jack squat instead of erupting into a temper tantrum certainly speaks to the parenting thus far, imo.


Linda, I still have jack squat on a regular basis. Figure it's about time to get Dex accustomed to the idea.

Mark, there's nothing to say about your comment. You totally get it, dude. And I say 'dude' in a very friendly, back-patting kind of way.

Terri, it's times like that I find it sort of hard to maintain my steady stream of petulance.

Alvis, your feelings serve you well. I'm proud.

Moksha, I never realised how well the title went with the banner this month. And you're very right about the waxing and waning. With kids, life's highs are higher and the lows are lower. Sure makes for a more exciting ride though, eh?

Tal, I'll take that as a compliment. We have preferred to let the tantrums fizzle out on their own. Parental attention (of any kind) is the main fuel for those fires, and so the solution is sort of simple, though often difficult to uphold.


No way would I ever have been able to eat a candy bar in front of my son without causing a complete and total meltdown, attention paid to it or not! But then, he was a prince as a teenager, so I guess you pay up front or you pay later....

But I must agree that Dex is quite the gentleman. I love that "mine have some too?"

Moksha Gren

Haaaaaaaapy Birthday, Dex!!!
Three cheers for 3!

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