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Monday, 16 April 2007



Um, who's kids are those???


Unless you add the one of you and the boys that I sent you, I'm not voting for you.


I should tell you that I did vote, but it required entire minutes of sifting through other nominated blogs. I MUST be dedicated, right?

The badge to the right doesn't lead one right to you. Just to the homepage....just thought you'd like to know.

Yay Team Simon!

the Mater

Don't worry about the total vote count ... you are DA MAN. It's quality not quantity that wins in the end :>)

Lovin' the piccies. Come on loyal readers, give him a vote!

Good luck (from your hip-hop promoter).


Moksha Gren

I did my part. Although I almost got distracted by some hot blogger further up the list ;)


Darling wife: those kids belong to my high school friend, Jeff, whom I was visiting in Kelowna the summer before we met.

Paula, I'm normally not succeptible to vote-buying, but in your case I'll make an exception. It'll have to wait until I get home from work today though.

Thanks for the votes so far. If I can make it to the front page of that list, that would be pretty cool.


You vote whore.

Ah well, I'm not in the competition, so what the heck.


As of right now (8:00 central on Tuesday night), neilgaiman.com is number one Hot Daddy Blogger. Interesting. Never read any of his stuff.


completely off topic, but how uncanny is it that I have two boys and they are named simon and declan?

your kids are darling and your wife is cute as pie!


I think think there should be a new category: Hot Daddy Blogger with a Smokin' Hot Wife! Still trying to vote for you....ah the things I do for the democratic process. :)


Dude, that was totally Niagara on the Lake!


There, did my part. You didn't move, though, sorry.

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