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Wednesday, 04 April 2007



Oh you poor man. I think I'd've (thanks Emilie!) slit my wrists AND throat after aboot six hours of that. Sorry your time wasn't more enjoyable. Thank goodness for Bond, James Bond.
"...my ears revolted, citing irreconcilable differences." Lol, loved that.
Welcome home, the snow shall pass.

Moksha Gren

If it makes you feel better, we've had a cold snap here as well. It dropped below freezing last night and will do so again tonight. Seriously, from 80 to 30 within a 24 hours period...it ain't right.

Sorry the slide show failed to entertain, but glad you enjoyed the IPA. And while I'm happy you get Good Friday off...I'm a bit jealous since I'll be right here trudging away at my computer. So, while we missed you MOnday and Tuesday and will miss you again on Friday...it's good to have you back for a day or two.

Émilie B.

Looks like someone over there went all out on the audio-visual support. Just imagine what those tutorial people could've done with the Bond flick budget... scary.

We took out the BBQ Friday last, and took down the whatsthenameforthis car canvas shelter thingie, and my dad's all "well you guys are sure in a hurry: the Easter snowstorm hasn't passed yet" and we're all "pfff". Well we've just had a good batch of snow today over here, too. But let's not despair - that stuff has got to be gone by May! :o

Enjoy the holiday!


I'm taking 2.5 days of vacation this week to do the family Easter thing. Ben and I are on the road, but having a much more pleasant time than you did on your recent escapade -- your movie night the one exception.

This morning, after I finished a bowl of cereal my aunt had bought in anticipation of our crashing here for one night, I looked at the nutritional information.

That cereal might as well have been called Colon Blow, because it has 13 grams of fiber per serving. I had at least half again as much as the stated serving size.

Now Ben and I wait for the inevitable call of Nature.

Sorry to go into that here, but I already posted and felt like sharing.

Émilie B.

Ack! My "good batch of snow" from yesterday turned into winter wonderland (you know, without the "wonder" part). Alright I'm adopting your "Seriously, winter can..." as my motto for the day.

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