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Friday, 27 April 2007



Mmm... apple-banana granola bar. I don't think we have the pleasure here in the US. Maybe in 20 years we'll get those, like we finally (yet sparingly) got Coffee Crisp.

Oh! Speaking of which -- Lady J's family came to visit and happened to grab a Coffee Crisp from her stash. Ate it on the trip home and called her asking, "Where can I get these?" Another convert.

Back to your post. I just have to know. Does the stove timer start out quiet little buzz and then crescendo to full-volume annoyance? 'Cuz that's the kind that was in my house growing up, and Dad finally replaced it a few years ago.

You realize, of course, that I would have recorded it. In the words of Weird Al, I'm just "too white and nerdy."

I hope you get your sleep straightened out. I got about four hours last night and the same the night before. My long-winded (and media'ed) posts show it.


Sorry Marc, I wasn't too clear in my rush to post something this morning. I meant an apple, a banana, and a granola bar for breakfast. The latter not being comprised of the first two. And our stove timer is pretty annoying from the get-go. It doesn't do that crescendo thing.

Émilie B

I'm not sure if I should pity you or laugh. I'll settle for bemused along with 'get well' wishes.

Incidentally, Xavier's nights are getting better, and he slept the whole night through (a rare thing) last night. I woke up at 5h30 anyway (because my inner clock is stupid) but I still managed a whole 6hrs straight and I feel great now (not to rub salt in the wound or anything, you know).

Good luck with your work thing.

Moksha Gren

That sounds rough, Si. I have to assume that the cold medicine had gone to your head...otherwise I'm hard pressed to imagine an engineer of your caliber accidentally resetting that timer five times in a row.

Sorry to hear about the stressful estimate. But it'll be another feather in your hat when it's all said and done. Well on your way to having both technical know-how and experience. "He would be a great asset. Can it be done?"

Mark - Sorry to hear about your lack of sleep. I feel I should apoligize for keeping you up writing information for my camera purchase. I thoughtlessly shipped off the email and then went to sleep. A long and undisturbed sleep that I know feel a bit guilty about. But then...obviously not so guilty that I'm avoiding rubbing noses in it.

"I feel horrible for my role in your suffering," says Moksha.

"Tee hee hee," giggles the Gren.


Two words: Kitchen ghosts.


Oh you poor baby! That really sounds awful -- very third circle of hell-ish. We have the same kind of temperamental oven timer, but fortunately we sleep upstairs, and it's downstairs, so it can't awaken us. We do have a phone upstairs that rings once, at midnight, every tuesday and wednesday night, though. That's fun.

I hope you feel better soon, sweetheart!


That sounds like a very rough night.

Perhaps you should go to Australia. :)


You sound like you need a hug. Stress is always so much worse when you're low on sleep.

Hopefully you don't have to take any work home this weekend...


Emy, bemused works wonders for me. I'm already feeling better as the afternoon progresses here. Less stress, but the sniffles will take a while to battle back. At least you're not as mean as that Gren bastard.

Moksha, the feather in the hat thing has been my way of thinking as well. Stress often induces the steepest learning curves, so that is a good thing. Next week will dawn with fresh potential, and, hopefully, a sun.

Jenn, I have to be much more skeptical about the ghosts than you are. Partly due to my wife who would insist we move out and burn all our clothing to get away from the ghosts. Seriously, I'm SURE it was just my somnolent incompetence showing itself.

Marian, I appreciate the empathy. That's really all I can expect right now, you know?

Alvis, if I could up and go to Australia right now and lie on the beach... man, I would SO be there.

Tal, I'd probably just infect the huggee with my cold germs, but thanks for the sentiment. I refuse to take any work home this weekend. Too much work to do AT home this weekend.


Simon. I just gotta say, although it isn't a million-dollar word, I used "dearth" in a post I haven't published yet, and here you are using it.

You are a dearth invader.


Mark, I am groaning so hard at that right now that it hurts.


That really sucks Simon. Maybe you need a new stove. (no, Amy didn't pay me to say that, but I know she's thinking it :)


Si, I thought of you yesterday as I was cleaning my stove top and bumped the timer button repeatedly. I MADE SURE it was off when I was finished.
Hope you're feeling better by now.

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