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Saturday, 21 April 2007



"It stressed, however, that "these are reasons for prayerful hope, rather than grounds for sure knowledge.""

Uh, there is sure knowledge that those that are baptized go to heaven? Did I miss that in some journal somewhere?

Not to offend those with their own beliefs, I just happen to be on Simon's side of the fence on this one.


I've never understood the baptism of babies, myself. There might not be an official "age of accountability," but babies sure aren't there yet.

If you want to have a ceremony wherein the congregation commits to helping that child grow up a kind, responsible, forgiving person, that's one thing (the only baby baptism I've seen seemed to be exactly that), but don't call it baptism.

Shutting up now, because all this could get more worked up beyond recognition.


The last time I found myself in this degree of disbelief was when a "council" of Catholics decided the idea of purgatory needed to be changed. I can't remember the details (because I tend to block out ridiculousness) but I was reassured that my decision to leave the Church was justified.


Yup....another reason why me and the catholic church do NOT get along.


Oh, religion....

While I'm not R.C., I belong to a church that is pretty much as close to it without actually being one. In most Catholic churches (Catholic being a broad description for R.C., Anglican, some Lutheran types...) Baptism is more of a commitment that the family makes to the baby to raise him or her a specific way. Once the child is old enough to take on that commitment themselves, they go through Confirmation, usually when they are a teenager.

My daughter was baptized at 3 months old, and my next baby will be too, though I don't believe that if they weren't baptized they wouldn't get into heaven. Like I said, baptism is more a reaffirmation of my faith and a commitment that I'm making to my children to try to raise them a specific way. It's for me and the adults in our family, rather than for the baby.

Moksha Gren

Thank you, Dex, for showing us all the proper response to such inanity. Giggle, walk away, scratch your bum and be done with the whole crazy affair.

Émilie B.

Simon! I haven't got your last, oh... 7 posts? Stupid RSS software, I should've known Simian Farmer doesn't go quiet for half a month. Alright, I'm all catched up now (or is that caught up?)

My kid's not baptized either, partly because we are not practising Catholics so I would feel a little like a hypocrite having him baptized. We are lucky enough that our families accept this. We have a baptist coworker, who adheres to a very litteral interpretation of the bible, which is something I have a little trouble with, but oddly I think they have it right to baptize people when they are older, which was another reason for our choice: we think our son should be able to make that choice by himself when he understands it. (I really like Jenn's view of the matter, however.)

My response to the limbo issue is that it doesn't make sense to me (an agnostic flake!) that God should deny heaven to children because of their parents' choices.

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