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Monday, 09 April 2007


Moksha Gren

I think I saw a Sci-Fi Channel original movie about a monster like that. And if not...give 'em time.

I love your inclusion justification. Quite philosophical when you think about it.

I'm really looking forward to Norah being old enough for Easter. It's really my kind of holiday. Not so much for the resurrection stuff. But as an old pagan celebration Spring that we celebrate by hiding candy about the house for our children to find...how great is that? I'm looking forward to finding that too-well-hidden egg in July.


Glad you guys had a good Easter. Sometimes spontaneous and rushed works with kids, and you managed to pull it off this time.

MG - Just don't hide any real eggs too well.


"Inclusion...is partially dependant on one's ability to piss and moan when excluded."

Very quotable. I like it.


Moksha, I have to wonder how many holidays celebrated today still hold true to the original intent behind their creation? As long as you make it meaningful to you now, right?

Mark, spontaneous and rushed seems to define the majority of the activities we enjoy with our boys. Still... lotsa fun!

Alvis, thanks. I'll take credit for that one.

Moksha Gren

Very true, Simon. However, some would argue that Easter really WAS originally a spring fertility festival. So, "original intent behind their creation" gets a bit sticky.

Suzanne Bellerive


This is my first visit to your webpage, and I have bookmarked it, and do you know why? Because you are, in my opinion (and I'm an editor as well as a voracious reader, so it counts), a "real" writer. Yep. You are younger than me (perhaps) and you are raising much younger children than I am, and that often means that what a journaller has to say will not offer me much of interest. But in your case, it is a pleasure to read you because You.Are.A.Real.Writer.

Go ahead, stick out your chest. You have every right to.


Wow, Simon :-) Told you.


This year was the first year we didn't hide any eggs for Matthew. He didn't even notice there was anything different. In past years, he'd search out all the eggs, and various chocolate, molded animals, they'd get put into a bucket, and there they'd sit, until Dad ate them all. Matthew just doesn't have much of a sweet tooth.

Of course, Dad misses it all...

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