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Thursday, 26 April 2007



The pics are great. Tav's eyes match Lady J and Sir J's boy's eyes. I hate that sentence.

The vid is priceless for Tav's walking, but Jango's added circular madness and adept dodging of the toddling toddler make it even more priceless, if such a modifier is possible.

Is Tav saying "Jango" while he's walking? Seems like it.

Don't show the video to very many paranoid parents, or they'll be diagnosing Tav with Pica. even Web sites about it say it's nothing unusual at that age. But, you probably knew that since you've already brought up one boy through beyond it.

I love that Dex is saying "inconspicuous" even as Jango is insinuating himself (albeit more slowly than usual) into the frame.

Moksha Gren

I couldn't help but laugh along with Tav as he toddled through your living room. What great footage!

Norah, clearly inspired by Tav's advances in this department, is now working on the four to five unaided steps before nose-diving to the floor stage of walking. Here's to mobile children, eh?

Mark - As far as pica goes...I wasn't even thinking it. In fact, as I was watching Tavish play in the sandbox I was thinking, "I wonder how long it takes for him to start eating that sand. Norah would be eating the sand. Hmmm, maybe they outgrow that phase by the time their 13 months or so. Wup...nope...he's eating the sand."

Something tells me that when Dex reaches blogging age...he's going to be one of those bloggers (although I can't think of a good example off the top of my head) that makes his readers keep a dictionary handy.

Émilie B

That video is great! It goes from heartwarming to exciting to hilarious to really cool. Congratulations to both boys.

Moksha, I had pretty much exactly the same thoughts watching the sand sequence, although I brought Xavier out on the grass yesterday and he didn't have the reflex to put any in his mouth. Maybe I won't have to worry about sand too much... maybe. Btw Norah's growing up (skills wise) so fast, it's incredible! She'll hold her own to all our boys, no doubt. Good job on the parenting. ;)

Mark I thought Pica was something pregnant women sometimes had, heh.


Great video. I love the candidity of the whole sand in mouth thing. Tav's mobility is impressive and Dex is quite lexiconic.


Tav's walking is impressive - I'm not sure I could make it across your living room with Jango circling me like that!

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