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Sunday, 01 April 2007


Moksha Gren

Sorry to hear about the bug. A few weeks ago, some nasty stuff went around these parts. I lucked out but just about everyone I knew got hit with it Hope you recover soon.

I love the new banner. It's one of my favorites to date.

We'll miss you while you're out of town. But don't think I didn't notice what you've done. Try to get sympathy points before you leave your blog unattended so mark and I won't make good on our threat to trash your blog with innappropriate comments in you absence.

"Oh, we couldn't possibly be mean to Simon now...he's got a stomach bug."

"Maybe we should be nice to Simon since he'll be all porn-deprived in Calgary."

You over-estimate my capacity for sympathy, my friend.


Dammit! How come stomach bugs never do that to me?!

Enjoy your course Simon, sounds like it could be interesting. Of course I say this from the perspective of a person who can only think of things like highway crossings made of dirt...what else is there? Um, hills?


It's a close competition, but I think Tavish's belly wins by a roll.


Moksha, glad you like the new banner. I just realised last night that I didn't plan for one and scrolled through recent pics until I found one I liked, cropped it, slapped on the name and uploaded that puppy. Took five minutes. Go figger.

And guess what? I got high speed cable access from my room. That's right!! I'll be looking out for your no-good shenanigans at the paltry cost of $9.95 per night. But I'm not paying for it so I don't care!

Tal, it's been mostly water and I'm going to drink a bunch of it back in beer later tonight. Don't know if that makes you feel any better. But it does me.

Paula, Tav's porked up these past months very admirably. He does us all proud.


Sorry aboot your bug. Have fun in Calgary. Love the banner. Gotta run.


My favourite banner ever..Great job!! Have fun in Calgary.....bring Immodium.


That is a great banner pic. Those boys are going to have some crazy adventures together.

I hope you don't miss the office grind too terribly while you're away.


Linda, thanks. So far, very little fun had. Boring as hell. But going to see a new 2-week old baby tonight, so that should be fun!

Terri, I did bring the Immodium. As of now, I'm just farting a lot. Which a BIG improvement over last night. (Aren't you glad you mentioned it?!)

Mark, those boys ARE going to have some crazy times. Scares me a wee bit. I sort of do miss the office. (A little.) This course was REALLY dry the first day. Hoping day 2 goes better.

Émilie B.

LOVE that banner. It's very nice, especially that the format of the image works so splendidly as a banner... no wait, especially the two cute kids.

I second stomach flu as a weight loss system. Lost 10 pounds at my first 3 months pregnancy, another 20-25 or so at my second pregnancy + breast-feeding, then 10 pounds when I got the stomach flu in Jan. The stomach flu was the one with the shortest after effects. *grin* Terrible weekend, though. Good luck with yours; I'd've hated to have to go through it during a class.


To Émilie B. -- Nice double contraction in "I'd've." I'm impressed.

Moksha Gren

Emilie - I'd'ven't thought you could get so many contractions together like that.

Si - Here's hoping day two of "Excrusiatingly Detailed Instructions on How to Play in the Dirt" goes better than day one.

Émilie B.

Well I did think that was a bit much, but figured I could get away with it, with the second-language excuse and all. So two's the rule, eh?

Moksha Gren

Emilie - I'd say that two contractions is probably wrong in a technical sense. But round these parts...we kinda enjoy breakin' the rules. We're grammar rebels. Rebels without a Clause, if you will.

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