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Sunday, 22 April 2007



Sounds like you had a good, full weekend, even if it did involve maintaining the 'domestic tranquility'.

Amy needs to look around the web at other bloggers' photos. She's more than hot -- she's smokin'!


I find myself in the same situation -- I fail to attempt to make plans, and so I end up doing nothing social on the weekends. Unless we happen to do something as a couple or a family, that is. Let's cure both our ills by inventing a transporter. You're the engineer. What's the hold-up?

Moksha Gren

We had a similar weekend. We tend to go visiting at some friends house on Friday evenings, but with their eldest just entering preschool, their house is often a den of illness. We recieved the call on Friday that we should avoid bringing our daughter into the contaminated dwelling. So, we relaxed instead. Read alot.

I'm impressed with Dex's artistic talent. I've seen wildlife artists who failed to capture the majestic spirit of the Fang-Tailed Amphibious Whale as well as he did.

Great shot of Tav! Judging from the huge drip of strawberry juice on his hand, I can only imagine there was a fair amount of clean-up involved after this snack. Ah well...strawberries are worth it.

And finally...totaly hot, dude.


wil, I think I'll change my title to "Domestic Tranquility Maintenance Engineer". I like the ring of it.

Mark, the laws of nature are the hold-up. I think matter transport is currently in the experimental stage, but only at the scale of light photons. Humans, being marginally larger than photons, will have to wait a while. Like, at least a month or so.

Moksha, that Dex was able to draw that from memory was impressive, considering that he only saw the Fang-Tailed Amphibious Whale one time; and well over a year ago. Tav's strawberry did,indeed, engender a bit of a mess -- but just all over himself (and my shoulder), and we're less careful about his clothes these days since there won't be anyone to hand them down to.


"A Sunday in Scotland is for the traveller like a thunderstorm at a picnic." Thedor Fontane, Beyond the Tweed, Pictures & Letters from Scotland 1860

I rejoice to learn that Sunday in Canada is less doleful than in old Caledonia. But do you really want to encourage Dex in that art thing? Never too early to start a boy out with a t-square and graph paper.

Here's a post-Sunday poem for you and (Totally Hot) Amy:

O Jean, my Jean, when the bell ca's the congregation
Owre valley an' hill wi' the ding frae it's iron mou',
When a'body's thochts is set on their ain salvation,
Mine's set on you.

Violet Jacob, 'Tam i' the kirk'


You have a very beautiful wife and very cute children. It's nice that you enjoyed some time with them and let Amy do her thing.


I can't believe Dex can draw that well. As the father of a nearly four-year-old who can identify all his shapes but is lucky to draw one on any given day, I'm impressed.

Oh, and your wife is absolutely on fire.

Here's to hot wives!


Okay, I am blushing. You can stop now. And for the record, I had asked Si twice if he wanted to go to the auction ove the week previous. He never gave me an answer. Since it was the night before the auction and there was only Si available to watch the boys, I had asked if he minded if just I went. So, he had plans he was just too slow committing to them.

Émilie B.

A pretty decent bunch of people around here, who can say a woman is "totally hot" by a portrait of her head. My compliments to the men (and Amy as well).

Dibs on D. Fraser's first painting.


Amy, it's the skin, you're all glowy.

I totally have to agree about Dex's drawing though...those are some super straight lines for a boy his age. I'll bet he'll be contributing the framed art in your home any day.

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