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Saturday, 14 April 2007



Great footage! Go Tavish!

And, go Declan! Get that hair!

Get everyone excited by using exclamation points!

Moksha Gren

Wonderful! You can tell he knows what to do and wants to do it. He'll get it pretty quick.

Keep up the good work, Tav

Mark - !!!!!!!


I love how it cuts off just before he does a major face plant on the living room floor. I wonder if child and social services officers read blogs...


Oh, I'm sorry Tav, but that first launch to the ground deserved a second viewing! Keep it up little guy :-)


I was anticipating this video clip. Isn't it amazing the pride and excitement you feel coupled with the dreaded thought that life with a more mobile toddler will never be the same? ;-) Yay for Tavish!


Go Tav Go!!


So close! Love Dex's laughter the whole time. Very entertaining.


To provide a bit of a verbal update, Tavish is now taking much steadier steps than the gravity-assisted ones shown in the clip. The more we can distract him from his feet, the better he does. His best is about a half dozen before that huge cranium of his topples him over. He's progressing very rapidly!

Moksha Gren

That's quick progress.

It always amazes me that within these clumsy, lumbering bodies waits the potential for Cirque du Soleil and the four-minute mile.


Way to Go TAV!!! And Amy sounds like me..I am always saying "Don't mess my hair!"

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