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Saturday, 03 March 2007



Whoa: shiny new format, dude; kind of alarming for those of use not used to change.

But very new-as-tomorrow looking.


If you have someone guest-blog, I think you're supposed to let us know somehow...
(I haven't told you lately how much I love your writing...)
My favorite sound in the whole world is that glorious, innocent, uncontrollable giggling that emanates from deep within the bellies of very young children.
Second is the deep bass throb when music is cranked up high (or live-even better!) that you can feel in the pit of your stomach.
Third; that audible sigh, (from either partner) after coming down from some really excellent, satisfying, um... fun activity.


My favorite sound is a fresh bottle being shaken and brough to me.

Happy Birthday, Tavish! You'll have to let me know how the celebration goes since I've never had one.


Favourite sounds?

1. The whistle of a distant train on a warm, breezy prairie night.

2. The furnace at night.

3. The laughter of my children.


Here's hoping that Tavish is having a wonderfully wonderful First Birthday! Hugs and Kisses for the little guy.


I can't say what my all-time favorite sound is (but one of Linda's was pretty close).

Others I like are Ben's laugh, my wife singing, rain on a tin roof, a mountain stream rolling over rocks, a wood thrush's song.

Happy Birthday to Tavish!


If there's a contest, I'd say the kiddies are coming out on top!
I forgot the sound of a light rain on the tent roof in summer...


My vote is for cicadas on a really hot summer day. It's not summer till the cicadas start to sing. Is it too much info to say that I agree with #3 as well?


Linda's #3 that is, as opposed to Marc's. Not having kids of my own makes that one tricky, you see.


I didn't really expect this to prompt similar responses, but I'm sure glad it did! Some very good additions in there. And there's certainly nothing wrong with that contented sigh. I'm a big fan of it as well.

Rick, sorry to startle you with the new design. Tending towards miminalism right now. If you see the blog disappear entirely you'll know I've gone too far.

Moksha Gren

Some of these have been mentioned already...but I'd like to log my votes:

A train in the distance
Water over rocks
Norah's giggle
Wind through leaves on a cool night
The crackle of a camp fire.
The first three seconds of the Star Wars theme.

Least Favorite Sound: The squeak of very cold snow under foot. I probably shouldn't move to Edmonton, eh?


Moksha, an Edmonton winter may not be the thing for you. Winter's unique sounds are some of my favourites, though. A lot of them evoke, in me, a sense of the vastness of the landscape and how foreign and small a presence Man has in it. That cold-snow-crunch is definitely one of them.


Mokker reminded me that if I could never hear the snapping and popping of wood in a campfire, well... what would be the sense of going on???
This is a little off the wall, but something I get a kick out of... when frying Spam (yes, I love canned Spam...)and it's good and hot, press the spatula down on it and listen to it squeal. Cool. :-Þ

Moksha Gren

Si - 95% of the sounds of snow warm my heart. However, something about the squeak really bugs me. I think it's actually the feeling of it vibrating its way up my leg that wiggs me out, because it doens't disturb me to hear someone else squeak snow.

Linda - I know that squeal well. In my bachelor days, the spam and egg sandwich was favorite. It went away long before the rest of the meat because I made the mistake of calculating the fat content of my delicacy. Eek! But yeah...nothing else makes that sound.

Let me also add to the list of favorite sounds: the sound of a shallow echo of footfalls in a cave or cellar. Moonshot and I went to a small winery town this weekend as a getaway. I was in heaven walking through the old wine cellars. The crisp, moist air, the varied echoes...it was like being back in the caves of my youth with my Dad.


I share so many of the above, but danged if I can think of them on my own.

Nature's sounds are just a given with me. Aside from those, hmmm... the Blizzard machine at a Dairy Queen. It means the good stuff's coming.

Rats! Now I want a Blizzard.

Right now, my favorite sound is the woman at the McDonald's drive-thru as she tells each vehicle "Can you pull up to the next speaker, please? Hello? Can you hear me?"

This Internet-almost-anywhere is fun.

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