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Thursday, 08 March 2007



What a darling way to start my day, with Declan's laughter in my head...
Sadly, I didn't get to see Amy's butt...


My husband is always trying to get my butt in pictures.

Love the giggles. I remember when I found balloons that amusing.

And great singing voice Simon!!

Moksha Gren

Hurray for balloons!
Hurray for Dex's laughter!
Hurray for Amy's butt!
Hurray for sharing it after!


I actually watched it again, just to see Amy's butt. Unfortunately, the shot was well framed, so she worried needlessly.


I think everyone clearly wants to see Amy's butt now. You can't tease us that way... ;)

You have a couple of adorable kids there, Simon.


Very cute boys you have! Mary is currently pitching a fit because I have finally stopped giving in to her demands to watch that video again (this is after watching it 8 times in a row). I think she may have a 2 year olds crush on Declan.


Okay, so at work I still can't see videos hosted on streaming video sites. Dang it, Simon! Cater to me! The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.

Alas, I'm resigned to watch it when I get home. I'll let Ben watch and give his critique, too.


Wow, the word 'butt' was even sorta cut off at the end and STILL it garners the most comments. Huzzah for buttocks!

Sorry I can't cater to your work restrictions, Mark. I would if I could. But I can't. So I won't.

La La Linda

Simon, are you going to stand for Mokker's wanting you to share your wife's butt "after"? After what, Mokker? you perv.
LoL ;-)

Moksha Gren

Yeah, I can't believe he's not even gonna mention it, Linda. Guess he's cool with it! [Moksha packs bags and snow shoes and heads north]

Actually, upon rereading...I suppose I should have switched the first and third line...but at the time it seemed more perverted to start with Amy's butt. I obviously forgot to take into concideration the Linda Factor. Thanks, Linda, for reminding me to stay on my toes :)


Now you know, Simon --- we watch for your wife's butt! Long live the butt!

The kids are cute, too.


I thought he highlight was Dex laughing after you let him unleash the daddy-blown balloon.

The "oh did you get my butt" could have been straight from one of our own clips. Shannon says that almost every time I'm taking pictures or video. Too funny.


This butt thing has gotten way out of hand. I'm going to have to nip it in the butt... er, bud.

Dammit! Stop looking at my wife's ass!

(Moksha, you don't need to pack the snowshoes. It's melting up here something fierce. It'll be nothing but brown grass and leftover road dirt for the next couple months. Bring lots of windshield washer fluid.)

La La Linda

The Linda Factor. LOL Don't encourage me, Mokker. It doesn't take much these days in the company of you guys...

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