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Sunday, 11 March 2007



OMG! Can this possibly be??? Thank you, THANK YOU, Simon for spawning this child. My kind of people. There just are not enough of us in the world anymore. Yet AGAIN, I leave here smiling from ear to ear.
ps what's a oeuvre? is that like in an hor d'???


He's a prodigy. You better have a university lined up. :)

That's very cute, a one color, wiener rainbow.


I want my monochromatic rainbow wiener, and I want it now!!



(n) : a work of art; the complete body of an artist's work
synonyms: end product, output

Moksha Gren

Van Gogh had his yellow phase. Dex will be remembered for his hot dog phase.

But, I think Dex may have just stumbled onto a million dollar idea, Si. KIds would gobble up rainbow dogs. And why stop there? I mean...clowns can make just about anything out of long thin balloons that are really not much different than a long sausage-type link. A foot-long hot dog could be twisted into a little doggy or any number of other fun things. Big money, dude.

Also, Linda makes a good point. "His oeuvre is hors d'oeuvre"


I'd hold off on Mokker's idea... as good as it sounds. Some things are just better not-messed-with. Case in point- Heinz Green Ketchup.
(Si, sit back and relax for awhile. I have a feeling these comments are going to add up into the three-digit category. You won't have to post for a week. Course, I've been wrong aboot this sort of thing before...)


Someday, then, you should take Declan on the ferry that travels between Vermont and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia where pride of place in the snack bar are bubble-gum pink hotdogs. You can imagine the result of viewing such fluorescent freaks of nature while in the grip of serious seasickness....

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