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Friday, 23 March 2007


Émilie B.

What a heartwarming little post... Congratulations to Tavish for his new biters. I'm sure he'll make good use of them. And wishes for a clement spring and sunny summer to us all.


Amy's going to start a blog? Gee, I'm almost frightened of the public interactions between the two of you that could occur. If I ever announce that Pat's going to start a blog, it's time to make your peace with your God, because it'll be two minutes to armageddon.

Moksha Gren

Thank you, Si...you've rejuvinated my soul for this last push for the weekend. Such wonderful news all around from Edmonton. Spring, new teeth, fashion accomplishments, Ugly Betty, and the possibility of getting to know Amy from the primary source. These next 8 hours hold no barrier for me...for my heart is lightened!


Moksha, which has the potential to be more interesting? Learning about Amy from the primary source or about Simon secondhand?

(The man's so damn reticent, after all.)

Them's a whole lot of potholes. It seems unfair that those that live in warmer climes both have more time for construction and less need for it.


Émilie, I could use a sunny summer after the long winter we've had here. Unrelenting snow since October. I'm ready for grass.

Paul, your wife would probably have more sense than to use AOL too. (Oh man, BURN!!)

Moksha, any heart-lightening I can help with helps my own do the same. It's symbiotic relationship.

Alec, I'll try to be more forthcoming. And now that you mention it, second-hand Simon sort of scares me. Your construction dichotomy was wonderfully succinct.


Sorry I let this post slip past my radar.

That's a LOT of potholes. I wonder how many wrecks are caused by folks swerving to avoid a particularly nasty hollow.

From my days of riding my bicycle, I habitually raise my bottom off my car seat when I know I'm going to hit a pothole. Doesn't help the poor car, but at least I don't feel exactly how bad it was.

Yay for Tav's teeth and Dex's (verbal) dexterity!

Amy's going to start a blog? Excellent. Now we get the female take on the Simian Farmer and his purports.


It seemed like all 125,000 potholes were in the gravel road to camp this afternoon. After bouncing and jarring my way down the half-mile long maintained section I came to a screeching stop when it became obvious the driveway into the camp STILL retained enough snow and ice to defeat the clearance of the underbelly of the Saturn. Dang!

Sounds like Spring has sprung in your neck of the North Country. We're in Mud Season, for sure.

Looking forward to hearing things from your better half's perspective -- fair and balanced reporting, don'tcha know?

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